Hello again!

Blasting out of the ether after about 18 dormant months – the longest break since 2002 – am I even going to detail what’s gone undocumented? In brief dot-points:

  • mid 2020 bought block of land in Franklin, Tasmania
  • spent two and a half years trying to get the documentation together to build a house – still waiting…this time it’s a hydraulic engineer’s report
  • during that time M and I split (AMICABLY) and continue to co-parent. He’s on the boat, I’m on the block in my caravan, Smalls are in between both.
  • both Smalls began going to school with variable success
  • M, the Smalls and I are sick to death of our housing situation and see no end in sight; this has led to us starting to think laterally about our building options and…
  • escaping Tasmania for the Winter of 2022 on Bella Luna. It feels like there’s nothing to stay for…
  • which isn’t quite true, but another Winter without a house feels untenable.
  • in July 2021 (after I became a caravan-dweller) I got the world’s best dog, ‘Uli’. He died on 14 February 2022 when he was hit by a car.
    Cue: devastation from all of us. He is buried on the block.
  • a month or so later, still devastated, I was driving through NSW and got another dog – ‘Miso’ and it seems it is possible to mourn and delight at the same time.

That’s a general summation leaving out all of my extensive house-sitting, my work for BookLady, my now non-existent job in an organic shop and my nascent career as a house-cleaner.

None of these exist right now anyway because as I type this I am in the middle of Bass Strait on a ferry to Melbourne. I had to delay this for a week due to having Covid and living in my caravan-isobubble for seven days feeling relentlessly exhausted, non-functional and occasionally breathless.

My van (on which there will be more detail later) is down in the hold with Miso inside. Despite leaving her water and food and a dried pigs ear I do believe she is probably unhappy. We are heading to the Mothership’s house tonight where the Smalls arrived four days ago via aeroplane. Due to Covid I missed all their Easter shenanigans and I’m not wholly sorry. Easter continues to baffle me.

NOTE: I will be posting bits and bobs from the Time of Dormancy and will backdate them accordingly.

Slacker Proudley


The Silver Van


The Map


  1. Claire

    Glad you’re back. Missed your musings.

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