Blasting out of the ether after about 18 dormant months – the longest break since 2002 – am I even going to detail what’s gone undocumented? In brief dot-points:

  • mid 2020 bought block of land in Franklin, Tasmania
  • spent two and a half years trying to get the documentation together to build a house – still waiting…this time it’s a hydraulic engineer’s report
  • during that time M and I split (AMICABLY) and continue to co-parent. He’s on the boat, I’m on the block in my caravan, Smalls are in between both.
  • both Smalls began going to school with variable success
  • M, the Smalls and I are sick to death of our housing situation and see no end in sight; this has led to us starting to think laterally about our building options and…
  • escaping Tasmania for the Winter of 2022 on Bella Luna. It feels like there’s nothing to stay for…
  • which isn’t quite true, but another Winter without a house feels untenable.
  • in July 2021 (after I became a caravan-dweller) I got the world’s best dog, ‘Uli’. He died on 14 February 2022 when he was hit by a car.
    Cue: devastation from all of us. He is buried on the block.
  • a month or so later, still devastated, I was driving through NSW and got another dog – ‘Miso’ and it seems it is possible to mourn and delight at the same time.