First Day for DB

Today is something of a milestone. Small Z has been going to school for about the last four months of last year. I made a deal with Small DB that she didn’t have to go to school if she didn’t want to, but she had to start school in 2021 – we agreed she would try it out for four weeks and then make the decision whether or not she would continue.

For the past week, every morning when I got up she would give me a look of petrified despair and tell me how many days were left before her imminent demise. The closer we got, the more wretched she became – so it was almost a relief this morning when, backpack ready, hair brushed, SOCKS (!?) and we were driving to Peregrine

We stopped for petrol and I turned toward the backseat…

Smile for Nana!
Say H–A-L-O-U-M-I!

“Et voila!” – a perfect shot for the Mothership – whose birthday it is today. How serendipitous that the person who has most wanted the Smalls to GO TO SCHOOL gets such a wonderful birthday present.

In retrospect, the months that were delayed were a Very Good Idea. Small DB got to hear about all of the goings on at school, see some exhibitions there, participate in working bee’s, and generally get a feel for the place before being plonked into it…

Apart from her sister, she knew one person who is a very good friend, so I was confident, when I left her this morning, that she was going to be totally fine. Fast forward five hours and I was back on the road to pick them up (normally they will both get the bus, but baby steps) – I had managed to clean up the kitchen/living area, have lunch, make a chook ladder for my chook hotel… That was it!

Then I was back at the school – the first parent there (mostly because I thought it finished at 2.45pm – it doesn’t, it’s 3pm) and waited to see Small DB. She was quietly radiant. “How did you go?”

“It was really good. I’m so glad I did it.”



  1. Thomas Dixon

    Yea Rah!!!!

    I’m sure DB will give as much to Peregrine as she gets back. And (no longer small) Z will have her sister handy for whatever fun is to be had.

    You go girls!


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