A Trailing Stop

High on the goodwill of the Excellent People Who Accidentally Sold Us a Stolen Trailer, M found another, for double the price – but almost new and already registered. We journeyed out to places unknown, through New Norfolk and what seemed like halfway up Mt Dromedary. Somewhere up there lives a guy in a very bespoke small house with a jaw-dropping view straight down the valley to the Derwent River.

We enthused about the view and his little house and his beautifully sculpted driveway and carport. He was a well dressed eccentric hermitty person with a curly haired dog and a small white car.

“Yes,” he said, acknowledging our effusions, “If you’re willing to live somewhere steep… I don’t know why more people don’t buy land up here. It’s so cheap. You seriously can’t buy something this close to a capital city, even in war-torn Syria.”

“Um… wow! And…the trailer?”

He pointed to a bespoke carport under which nestled a Very Nice Trailer. About a year old, always kept undercover and… double the price of the one we had just handed back to the police. Apart from the moment when I gave the guy $100 less than the asking price because two of the fifty dollar notes had dropped down beside my car seat, it was all quite straightforward (if slightly humiliating).

We drove down off the mountain, passing a property that we had mistakenly pulled into on the way up – strewn with chickens, a friendly guard dog, a seriously awesome old cast iron wood heater and heaps of other junk. Powered by a minimalist solar set up and a wind generator on a pole, it was awesome – but it also felt quite possible that some random survivalist was sitting behind a curtain in the caravan watching us through the scope on his rifle.

Anyway – within 30 minutes of buying the trailer we had it transferred into my name at the Service Tasmania office in New Norfolk – which doubles as a police station. Helpful, when you need assurance that the Expensive Thing you just bought is legit. We drove back to the block with trailer of glory behind us. Second time lucky.

Claire: hopefully this provides some closure 😉


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