The four year hustle

It turns out that it’s not just cars that hate me, it’s trailers too. In addition to the shortage of small dogs in Tasmania, there is also a premium on trailers. It would be a reasonable earn to head to the mainland, buy up some trailers, bring them back over and sell them for a profit.

But I digress. I am trying to pull things together so when council approval comes through, we can jump into this Small House Building Project without having to muck around. I have begun to Acquire Things. So far I have a bathtub, waterproof house-wrapping membrane, two nail guns

I set my aims to the impossible height of finding a secondhand trailer in reasonable condition for under $500. Which means I set up an alert on GumTree. And it actually worked!! A trailer was listed in Glen Huon for $450, I called up immediately and two hours later we had a trailer! Not registered, but in good enough condition that getting it legal wouldn’t be too hard.


M put in some hard yards on it – removing some poles that had been welded on to hold a camp bed, grinding out a bit of rust, getting the regulation reflectors, mudflaps and registration plate light, and painting the whole tray with KillRust. He took it to the mechanic’s late last week. They replaced the wheel bearings and called it good.

We were ONE KILOMETRE away from the mechanic’s workshop this morning when we got a call.

“Hi, this is Kingsborough Police, I’m afraid we have some bad news for you.”

That’s a great example of how NOT to start a conversation. I had a few fraught seconds before they said,

“The trailer you bought is actually stolen, so you’re going to have to come in and make a statement. We’re at the mechanic’s right now…”

We met them there. Did some scrolling backward on my phone and found the date and phone number of the lovely couple we had bought it from. We emphasised to the police that there was no way they had known it was stolen – how could they? They’d never bothered to register it because it was just used on private land. And they were so lovely. They really were.

The mechanics were palpably unimpressed with how things had panned out. Presumably they didn’t like having a police car sitting in front of their shop. It turns out that the trailer had been AWOL for FOUR YEARS – contact had been made with the now very happy owner, who was kind enough to cover the mechanic’s fees for us.

However, having thought we would be the happy owners of a happy legit trailer, we had organised to pick up an extension ladder in Taroona. Luckily we were able to tie it to the roof racks. I had no idea how we were going to collect the corner shower unit we’d bought from the Tip Shop.

I called the couple we’d bought the trailer from to give them a heads up about what was happening. They were horrified and apologetic. I told them to expect some contact from the police. Unbelievably, they said they would give us back the $450 – which I politely refused, but they were emphatic. Not only that, but they are picking up the shower unit with their ute on their way over tomorrow. WHAT THE? Let’s all stand back and watch the Phoenix of Good Karma rip that Trailer-Stealing Bastard to bits.

They reckon they have the details of the guy they bought it from and are going to chase him down…


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