Like a goldfish, I am surprised all over again by sedentary existence of owning a car. Yes. A car. Another car. Passing by the money drain and moving on, we now have Goldie – a 2007 T30 Nissan X-Trail – the most modern and startlingly ubiquitous car I have ever associated with. To the point where it is difficult for me to figure out which one it is when gazing around a carpark. It seems that the majority of cars in southern Tasmania are X-Trails, Foresters, Rav4s or dual cab utes.

The new wheels.

Anyway – having a car is a surefire way to smooth out some wrinkles in life. No more journeys upriver to get diesel and groceries. And the WASHING!! It’s so awesome to sling it in the back of the car and go! I don’t have to haul my little trolley all the way up the main street of Huonville and sit there for a million years waiting for the washer, and then the dryer.

Only had Goldie for about ten days, but HUZZAH! I can get places! of course, now we run back into that golden olden #firstworldproblem of Sharing The Vehicle. It causes me singular irritation to share my car. Being blasted by the wrong radio station when I turn the key, presuming the other person has checked the oil and water, readjusting the seat each time I get in – none of this is deal-breaking stuff, but I have bad memories of being a one-car family back when we were in the boatyard, and it sucked. An autonomy sucker. Actually being part of a couple necessitates far more discussion and compromise than is healthy, surely it would be better for both parties to have their own wheels?

I have given up the dream of another Delica (even though there is one for sale nearby in showroom condition for $6500 and Della is already nothing but a donor vehicle sob) because after tooling around in Goldie, I’ve realised that having a Delica as a daily driver is expensive and an exercise of over-engineering my/our existences. If I play my cards right, we will end up with two X-Trails for the cost of a Delica. Fingers crossed.


  1. Andy Perry

    If you’re still looking for a Delica there is one up here in PoW Bay. Nev. off RAZOO II is selling his spare one cheap. Just needs tyres and rego…
    Call Nev on 0418 121 359.

    1. Post

      Hey Andy, thanks for that. I’ve given up on my Delica dream, but I’ll pass that on to someone who might be interested (although he already has one – he collects them).

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