Hello Luna Blue!

Since it became apparent that we would have little choice but to remain in Tasmania for the winter and had kind of planned to be here next summer, the Smalls and I became increasingly pet-starved. Here was an opportunity where we were in protected waters for several (if not many) months – it seemed like a perfect time to give a furry a new home.

Small DB was actively campaigning for guinea-pigs or a rabbit. In desperation one afternoon (presumably contemplating a boat full of hay, pellets and non-autonomous furry creatures) he commented, “I like cats better than either of those things.”

A moment of gleeful silence, and then Small DB and I started looking for rescue kittens online before anything could be further discussed. Three days later we drove to Snug and collected The Kitten Who Would Become Known As Luna from Hobart Feline Rescue.

084/366 • …Daisy Belle & Luna Blue...furry, curly, we love you... • .
Small DB and Luna Blue

The arrival of Luna was similar to the purchase of Della the Delica – it seemed like a good idea, so we went with it.* Anyway, so far Luna has been a joy – she has now been here for just over two weeks and seems to be settling well. Small DB is able to channel her animal-nurturing and Small Z loves to play with her before going to bed at night and read with her on her lap.

It’s always a great relief to me when things happen this way – sometimes the best thing to do is go with your gut and figure out the rest as it happens. Right now we are in a stable situation (in both respects – there are no eight foot waves on the river) and being stuck here for the foreseeable means that we are not dashing here there and everywhere to provision, explore, provision and explore. There is a lot of time to slot some cat love into.

Teeny Luna on my arm.


*I don’t think I’ve reiterated enough how much easier Della has made our existence – although the perk of having Della comes at the expense of our activity levels, which have, in some ways, fallen.

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