Maria Island. Kettering. Hooray!

Maria Island is a crazy place, soaked in history, swarming with wombats and kangaroos. It used to have a cement factory, it used to have a vineyard… Now there are mostly ruins. Because of the whims of the wind we bypassed Darlington – the main harbour where the visitor’s centre and main campground – and continued on into Chinamans Bay.

Shoreline. Maria Island.
Shoreline and runaway float.

It is a very photographical place – the light! The lack of people! The wombats and wallabies! The old bits of china in the areas that used to be inhabited. Soooo many old bricks.

DB, heading down to the trees. Maria Island. Tasmania.
DB and the two trees.

Stayed for two or three nights, moving from one side of the bay to the other, according to the wind – which barely ever backed off. M had a win catching his first ever squid – he caught three!! Cooked them up for lunch on our way to Kettering – 🏆- for people down to powdered milk and carrots, they were extremely splendid.

Across the grasses on my solo walk.
The old cellblocks. Maria Island.
The old cellblock.
308/365 • ...jigging for squid - got three - super inky!! Thanks @leochskratta - Dino taught us well ✔️  •
Jigging for squid.

We left Maria Island at about 4am, disgustingly early (not that I got up for two more hours) and reached the Denison Canal before 8am – thus we had to anchor and wait until there were people around to answer our call requesting that they open the bridge and let us through. It feels like cheating to take such a shortcut – avoiding the Tasman Peninsula – but we have been that way in the past. I always feel a bit fancy – all the traffic stops (and this time all the roadwork had to stop), the bridge swings open and we glide on by…

309/365 • ...and we’re through the Denison Canal about to go past the Dunalley Fish Market. They had to stop the roadworks and all the traffic to open the bridge for us 😆•
Dunalley Fish Markets – on the Denison Canal

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