Blackwattle Bay, Jervis Bay, Batemans Bay, then Bermagui.

I just did something I’ve only previously done on one occasion. The first was in Taree many years ago –> I wore my ugg-boots down the street. In public. The second occasion was this morning – I went down the pier, paid $4 for a shower that was excellent but gives no warning when the water is about run out, so you need to do your soaping straight away – shower was heavenly – I entered it looking like a greasy rat and came out like a white beam of light, or something like that. Stuck my head under the hand dryer in the toilets and I was good to go…

I’d planned to hit the gelato shop at the end of the pier, but it wasn’t open, so I sloped back to the boat for some tea. Jumped aboard, opened the door – all was warm and silent. Everyone remained in bed – no tea, no breakfast, no nothing. I dumped my towel bag and exited, briefly pondering the requirement of normal shoes, but deciding that if one of the Smalls discovered me, I would not be able to escape – and thus, at 8am I was wandering down the main street of Bermagui in my uggies – the ones I’ve had longer than I’ve had Small DB.

I think I have not yet mentioned that we picked up crew in Sydney. Actually – I’ve missed a few key things. Let me dot point them:

  • We love Manly. Now we don’t love Manly, because someone there stole Small DB’s scooter that she got for her birthday three weeks before. Very, very unhappy.
  • We decided it probably wasn’t entirely Manly’s fault, but the Smalls and I roamed the Corso and all the side streets like a hunting mob, ready to take down the scooter-thieving bastard. No dice.
  • Moved over to Blackwattle Bay – still a zing going under the bridge…
Sydney Harbour Bridge.
The Bridge remains awesome.
  • Late on Saturday we were joined by our first new crew member, Mr Ford St Clair, who we met on the pier at St Helens.
  • We returned to the Sydney Observatory and had a free tour, which was awesome, except for the precocious six-year-old who kept interrupting and reminding everyone that HE KNEW ALL THE PLANETS and HE WAS THE SMARTEST KID IN HIS CLASS. (If only the huge telescope had been a rocket, I could have put him on it…)
  • Late on Sunday we were joined by our second new crew member, a friend of Mr St Clair called Jean (although we chose to address her with a variety of names beginning with ’J’ – like Juniper, Jessica, Julie, June, Jasmine, Joanne, Joelisa and Small DB’s favourite – Jeronimo).
  • While in Blackwattle Bay I flexed my FB Marketplace muscle (best to do it in the country’s most populous city) and bought the Smalls a scooter each – $45 a pop from a dude in the residential high-rise on Cope St in Waterloo. Tick.
  • Returned to Manly to shop. Still #hatemanly But such great access to Aldi. Sigh.
  • The crew cooked. It was good.
262/365 • @eggmammal and Jean - our crew who we picked up in Sydney, have taken over the galley tonight - it’s a Very Good Feeling •
Ford and Jean. Galley slaves.
  • Sailed to Jervis Bay and anchored in a spot that had remarkable spots ashore to explore. It was so beautiful that I ran away and bathed nude in a rockpool in my very own cove.
A beautiful anchorage.

DB. Jervis Bay.

She climbed up the cliff…
  • The crew are very amenable and enjoy snorkelling (taking the the pressure off moi) and hiking (ditto) and GOING ASHORE AT EVERY OPPORTUNITY. Basically if M could have conjured them up, he would have. I have thus had more guilt-free solo time on the boat than I have had for a-g-e-s and it is GOOD.
  • The Smalls and I fainted on learning that 1) there is a breed of dog called a bordoodle, and 2) that Jean has one and would bring it to the boat for a visit, providing that we delivered her there intact. 🍾
Smalls. Fossicking...
The Smalls. Fossicking.
  • After three nights we headed to Bateman’s Bay, land of sunsets, bluebottles and flies. (Didn’t actually go into the town, belatedly realised the bridge opens and we could have gone exploring – next time…)
267/365 • snailing 🐌 down the coast to Batemans Bay - it’s a bird-festival 🐦•
Hopefully they are sooty terns…

  • A 4am start – M and Mr St Clair got us underway. It was a fairly manky sail – messy and rocky – but the plus side? We made it into Bermagui at 2pm. GLORY!!
  • Hilariously, Jean is a local, and had seen three people she knew before we’d even left the jetty. Actually – we were very lucky to get a spot at the jetty because there are construction works going on and everyone’s been kicked out from the other berths… A guy called Mellow helped us out. Actually, everyone was helpful. We paid for four days and only had to move about for trawlers to come in twice.
268/365 • put a bird on it 🐦- hello Bermagui! •

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