Back on track. Goodbye Coffs Harbour.

Small DB and I were driven to the airport by T and the Mothership at four in the morning, and we remain most grateful – our trip home was a breeze (if you skip over the part where security took my Swiss Army Knife that I stupidly left in my carry-on bag and put it in the bin: cue me with a quivering lip and Small DB patting me, suggesting a cup of tea…).

Back on the dinghy dock at Coffs Harbour before 9.30am!

256/365 • got up at 4am in Melbourne, back on the dinghy dock in Coffs Harbour just after 9am. DB is an excellent travelling companion ❤️ ... •

Our bag was the maximum weight limit. Courtesy of Small DB’s late birthday presents.

After all the agonising about the logistics of our travels, they were over… And the forecast swung our way. I borrowed a car and went and did a big shop for provisions – Small Z and M appeared to have eaten their way through most of our stores, with the addition of regular bread. They had a glorious time.

Small DB was able to spend a last day with her Sylvie, and we said a sad goodbye to Miles, who was readying Pandion for a trip to Newcastle to be sold.

258/365 • the single entity known as Silsey - squeezed in an unexpected visit (home from school with sore ear) - this is a goodbye hug 😕 because tomorrow the combination of wind and happenstance allow us to finally head south... I really hate goo

In the morning, at about 3am, M got us underway and Coffs Harbour – where we’ve been stuck for a month or so, faded away.

Dawn out at sea. It’s been a while.

The forecast was completely arse-about. The northerly? It did not come. So the sail was not as we had hoped, and ended up feeling something like marathon that was never going to end. It took us 43 hours to get to Manly – and we arrived again in the dark, scouting for moorings with a torch.

The moorings were taken at the Quarantine Station, but there were two free in our favourite spot near the ferry terminal. Yeah!! We were so exhausted, but had to have a wind-down chai, eventually going to sleep sometime after midnight.

260/365 • so bloody glad to be here in Manly - after 43hrs at sea, we got in last night around 11pm and found an empty mooring right near the ferry terminal 👏 It felt like we’d finished a kind of marathon... M and I had a celebratory chai and passed

The next day we let M sleep in and went ashore – had a lovely time until someone stole DB’s scooter from outside Humphery’s Newsagency.EXTREMELY NOT COOL.

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