The Mothership. The big city.

The rest of the time Small DB and I spent in Melbourne was staying at the home of the Mothership and T. It felt crazy that we hadn’t been in their house for THREE YEARS! What the? Small DB was very happy to be there – remembered all the things she liked to do – dress up in Nana’s scarves, play hide and seek, bake cakes and have afternoon tea like a fancy lady…

Afternoon tea. Pinky up!
Pinky up!

The Mothership and T were thrilled to spend time with her. And took the opportunity to turn her into a Croquet Queen.

Mothership and DB. Croquet skillz.
The Mothership in motion.

I took off to see L in her new house, which is such a relief, because now I can imagine her surroundings (which are somewhat more elevated because her new house is, well… a new house). It was so lovely to have cups of tea, make sandwiches, walk down and ponder shades of hair dye on Centre Road. D even offered to let me tool around in his Defender (!?!) – something that I had to ruefully forgo.

It’s such an odd thing – when you don’t see your friends on their home ground for a zillion years, they’re kind of stuck in amber from the last time you saw them. In my head, their kids don’t grow, their cars don’t change – things don’t evolve BECAUSE I’M NOT THERE.

Ugh. But of course they do. New houses, different jobs, kids going into secondary schools… It’s not that I want a more NORMAL life, but the fact is I WANT THE CAKE. And I want to EAT THE CAKE. And while I was on my short undercover visit to Melbourne, I felt like I had achieved a mini-version of that — the cupcake version – I got to live in a floating cubby, but also zip into the lives of friends who know me well enough to welcome me with Melbourne Breakfast Tea and Nature’s Cuppa English Breakfast. I was able to visit the Mothership and T and catch up with SWWNBB and Small A.

Half Moon Bay, Black Rock.
Half Moon Bay, Black Rock.

I spent a day on my own, tooling around the city. Heavenly. I organised membership at the City Library and at the Victorian State Library with the intention of giving the Smalls more scope to borrow books online. Tick. I wandered around the Flinders Lane/Degraves St area – where I used to love to hang when I was 16 or so (I have lost considerable time trying to remember the name of the awesome secondhand bookshop that used to be there)…

Missing Persons. Nicholas Building.

I fondled stationery, patted scarves in the Block Arcade, walked to Carlton and spent a large chunk of time in Readings (where I should have bought a 2020 diary but didn’t – they are one of the few places that sell Cavelli diaries… like this.
Castelli Matra Ivory Medium Weekly Diary 2020 (turquoise) – Paper Parrot

255/365 • ...a happy place... • 📚

Heading back to Flinders St Station from Carlton, I caught a tram and jumped off at Collins St. I had made a promise to myself that if the scarf shop in the Block Arcade was still open by the time I got there, I would buy myself a present from their 50% off sale. It was closed. But just as I reached it, a woman came from the opposite direction and unlocked the door. They were closed, but she took pity on me, and I swanned back to Sandringham wrapped in my divine charcoal cashmere extravagance. Yay me. Although the bus to Black Rock was a whole other story…

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