Wineglass Bay. Hooray!

The white sand and transparent water of Wineglass Bay were somehow far more beautiful than I remembered. The first thing I did was jump into the water – my last Tasmanian swim for quite some time.

We were anchored alongside GonYonda and our combined Smalls rowed themselves to the beach each day and spent hours constructing cubbies…

Wineglass Bay
The construction crew.

Wineglass Bay
Small DB – her new residence.

Wineglass Bay
At anchor in the blue…

The day before we left, Tuesday the 8th of April, M and I walked the length of the beach and back – here’s a picture of M running while holding his breath, trying to bypass the stench of a Very Dead Large Seal.

Wineglass Bay
Seal smell Vs. M

I seemed to spend a considerable amount of time prepping food for the Bass Strait passage. Sigh. Pumpkin and lentil soup, potato and leek soup, god knows what else… retrospectively, soup was a dumb idea – who wants to have to heat it up in the middle of the ocean!?

Gah. The bit I did get right was the celery – celery is the best passage food. Cold, crunchy, full of water… And the potato salad was a reliable success. Other than those, next time it will be something like cold corned beef, bags of popcorn, TWO whole celeries, more cold hard boiled eggs – and maybe miso soup sachets…

Anyway, I was extremely grateful to GonYonda for having us aboard for a wonderful pizza dinner – bespoke gluten free pizza bases!! Heavenly

Wineglass Bay

In any case, it came as rather a shock to me that we left Tasmania as early and quickly as we did. With the benefit of hindsight, it was the only available weather window for a while – and we were worried about getting M and the Smalls somewhere up the New South Wales coast to stay for May while I’m away, so it was good we left when we did.

Not getting to Flinders, King or Three Hummock Islands is a bit disappointing, but they will keep. We still have our fingers crossed that we might find a block of land in Franklin during the year and thus be compelled to return in Spring.

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