Shiny floors and marina life

Here’s a little video I made of when we got back to Bella Luna after our weeks away. M had worked his butt off, redoing the floor throughout the boat. Why? To be succinct – he mucked them up the first time around by not putting on enough coats of varnish (actually only one) which led to moisture penetrating the floor and causing a zillion sad black mouldy spots…

The first time around, it took him a month. This time? He knocked it over in a fortnight. But it was A. LOT. OF. WORK.

It feels vastly better to have nice floors. Coming up the steps from both hulls remains a novelty – at the bottom of the steps you’re at eye level with the floor of the main cabin (or the ‘saloon’ as M likes to refer to it) and for so long it has been so depressing – like having black mould patterns all through your carpet and being able to do nothing about it. Gaaaaah – it was incrementally more and more demoralising.

But now (I am writing this after living with new floor for a week) it’s quite revelatory! M and I continue to mention it to each other several times a day – it’s honestly like living in a new boat. And the cockpit floor is fabulous as well. We originally put down light grey/white stripes about a year ago – it was immediately slashed to bits by Honey the BoatCat, getting progressively worse throughout her reign of terror…

M pulled it all up (it was very difficult to keep it all in one or two pieces, which he needed to do to use it as a template) and replaced it with the same stuff, but in dark grey with black stripes. It’s infinitely superior, and dirt is far less obvious. All the floor newness throughout Bella Luna makes it somehow easier to keep clean… with four people, sand, dust, hair and (at present because of the bushfires) ash, there is a lot of mank about. However, when we sweep it and/or wash it, it actually looks clean again, instead of mouldy and/or clawed.

Just as is the case with any living situation – it’s good to feel good about the space you’re in. Well done M!

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