Maria Island Redux

We left Bryan’s Corner for Maria Island at some bizarre hour of the morning – M was convinced that every boat and their dog would be whizzing toward one of the three moorings near the ferry dock. Thus, we arrived at around 7am – I sent M to bed for a nap, and he didn’t wake up until 11am!! Ha!

The Smalls and I quietly made Christmas cards and gave ourselves some screen time – no other boats turned up until our friends  on Katsumi appeared late in the afternoon. 

We’d forgotten how much we love Maria Island. We love the ruins, the crazy history, the Cape Barren Geese, the pademelons, kangaroos and wallabies, the… W O M B A T S!!!

We didn’t actually see any and Small DB was getting despondent – but we returned to land after a fairly early dinner and, as we had correctly guessed, it wombat party-time….#

Ruins. Maria Island.
Re-enactment of a photo from two years ago. Maria Island.
Maria Island. Remants of a Very Old Garden.
W O M B A T !

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