Lord Howe Island : First week

I am very happy here. There are many birds. There are friendly people, but not too many friendly people. There are more bicycles than cars. As I write this I am looking at all the Sooty Terns settling in for the night on the point amongst a mixture of moss, grasses and scrubby looking teatree. I think they like to have to sky above them, rather than the protection of the trees.

Lord Howe Island : From the start of the jetty on a clearer day

Lord Howe Island is a tease. You can only visit. You can’t actually stay. I am not a biosecurity dog trainer, a scuba diving instructor, a post office worker, or a relative of the three families that initially settled here. No skills that I have enable me to stand out and have the locals chorus, “Yes!! Stay!!! Our island needs you!”

Lord Howe Island : DB and her Dark Clouds of Vengeance.
DB under her very own dark clouds.
Lord Howe Island : Sisters
Z provides the attitude, DB the bunny ears and M the backdrop.

Our surfing friend Ben came here not too long ago, and he DID get to stay longer than is usually allowed, because he’s a diesel mechanic, and that’s what they needed at the time. Sigh. All I can do is immerse myself in the whole thing. Doesn’t matter too much where I am or what I’m doing. I’m simply happy to be here.

Lord Howe Island : Island Showcase - beautiful local art.
Local art co-op…

We hired a couple of bikes for $9 a day, in addition to our foldup boat bikes and have been pedalling here and there.

Lord Howe Island : The divine Thornleigh Farm
The chooks at Thornleigh Farm.

This is a shot taken from my bike on our way from going to the beautiful Thornleigh Farm (which incidentally also offers the cheapest wifi on the island that I’m hanging off right now via our Ubiquiti Bullet antenna…) where you can buy cheap chemical free herbs and vegetables…

Lord Howe Island : Riding back from Thornleigh Farm. Basil, parsley and roquette!
Basil, parsley and roquette…

Two nights ago we sat out a 40 knot southerly, rocking around on our mooring. It wasn’t intolerable. Yesterday we rode, amidst various family discontents, out to the airport to drop off some shoes that our friend Sebastian left aboard last night, and then via the museum to Neds Beach where we fed a whole lot of beautiful fish…

Lord Howe Island : Feeding the fish at Neds Beach

Lord Howe Island : Feeding the fish at Neds Beach
Zoe amongst the fish.
Lord Howe Island : Feeding the fish at Neds Beach
The Smalls. Fishy.

☝🏻This is the only photo I got of Small DB feeding the fish – they were so huge and sliding their way past her legs like small wet dogs. She was not impressed and began making her way back to shore, but in her panic she dropped her fish food, causing a fish rampage around her ankles…

Lord Howe Island : Feeding the fish at Neds Beach

This morning I woke up at 4.30am and decided to stay up. Blissful quiet in the floating cubby. I saw dawn steal her way  up and over Mt Gower…

Lord Howe Island : Dawn at Mt Gower.
”Hello! It’s Dawn! Good morning!”

Being up so early enabled me to finish off and publish the last four or five blogposts that have been sitting on the sidelines for weeks. A bit later in the morning (I had promised Small Z we would stay on the boat all morning) we saw the Island Trader come in from the sea and pull up to the jetty.

I will have to find out for certain, but I believe that the occupants of Lord Howe Island clubbed together and bought the Island Trader in order to have regular deliveries to and from the island. It arrives every two weeks with supplies that have been ordered in advance and any mail bigger than an envelope – and departs with all the rubbish that can’t be recycled here – amongst other things.

Lord Howe Island : The Island Trader
The ship comes in…


  1. Ro Packer

    Hi there, Great to meet you all on Lord Howe Island, such a beautiful place. We are back in Yamba having had to turn back on our second attempt to get to the island. We did however get to see out first albatross which was exciting. See you all another time.
    Cheers Ro, Ian and Seb

    1. Post

      Oh that is a shame 🙁
      Give our love to Yamba… If Seb is after a playdate, there is one of our favourite families aboard ‘Pandion’ on a mooring in Iluka – their son is Zoe’s very good friend and I’m sure he would love to catch up with another boatkid.
      Fair winds xxx

  2. Emily

    Sorry to miss you to say goodbye ! Please keep in touch x Millie passed on Zoe’s beautiful painting of the cow and loved meeting you xxxxx she remembered your address!take care and al the best

    1. Beth

      Hey Emily! I knew Millie would remember, she’s sharp as a tack 🙂 It was lovely to meet you and thank you so much for welcoming us into your awesome house! Hope we see you again – I want to come back! xx

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