Goodbye Honey…

She landed on all four paws.

Honey the BoatCat was my midlife crisis. The Italian man I couldn’t resist, the Ferrari I had to have. So it should not be any great surprise that it didn’t work out. Honey is a gorgeous feisty fuzzbot, but, as it turns out, fundamentally unsuited to life on a boat. I have read so much about cats living awesome lives aboard seagoing vessels, but life with Honey was never super easy – because she wasn’t particularly happy.

She is not yet even one year old, so it was fairly obvious that with the many years ahead of her, something needed to change. I had a lovely woman in Bundaberg who offered to adopt her upon our return to Australia – but if she was going to be adopted by someone, it made more sense to find her a home in Espiritu Santo so she didn’t have do endure the eight days at sea and an aeroplane ride to ten days in quarantine etc. etc.

As soon as we got to Luganville I started canvassing FaceBook to try and find her a loving home. I literally repeated in my head what I wanted for her; “I’M GOING TO FIND HONEY A LOVING HOME IN LUGANVILLE OR AORÉ.” I willed it to manifest. I don’t care how woo that sounds – I have found it effective.

That said, I did start to worry that we would not find her somewhere appropriate, that we would miss the looming weather window to Australia, that this would cause more Honey tension between M and myself… but in the event, it worked out perfectly.

Honey now lives at Petersens Bay with her new parents – Susan and Tom. I do not have a single qualm about letting her go – she has a big garden, the run of the house and two people who dote on her. Put it this way – her new environment is a whole lot calmer (in every sense) and a lot more stimulating. Even Small DB, who mourns her the most, agrees this was the best possible outcome…

Espiritu Santo. Vanuatu.
On our last morning together… 
Honey in her new garden. Espiritu Santo.
Honey in her new garden. She had never been in greenery before!

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