Dog for a day. Nga Peak.

A couple of days ago, after lengthy cogitations about how we would traverse the 6km to the Saturday morning market, but at the same time try to climb the highest point on the Isle of Pines before midday to avoid the heat, I decided to forego the market and head straight to the mountain. Our friends on Pandion collected our cooler bag and cash, and were instructed to buy any fresh vegetables and fruit they could find – they had hired a little car and so the 6km was not a conundrum they needed to consider.

The spot where we had been anchored for a day or to is in Kuto – which I understand to be the main drag of the postcard that is the Isle of Pines. There is a resort, a bar, a restaurant with funky upholstered chairs, a ferry terminal, general store, petrol station, a bakery and four or five dogs that seem to live between the resort and the beach.

When I was looking on Instagram at photos from the area, there they were – the dogs! Mostly being hugged by different travellers sitting on the beach. One of these dogs came with us as we left the beach and began our walk toward the track up to Nga peak. She came with us all the way to the top and all the way down again…

The dog that climbed Nga with us.

Over half way up Nga.

View from Nga.

We climbed Nga! Highest point of the Isle of Pines.

Kids at the top of Nga. With our temporary dog.

Here is our dog-for-a-day back on the beach. A well earned rest…

Our gorgeous dog-for-a-day....

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