Coffs Harbour to Port Macquarie

Yeah. Coffs Harbour. I was less than enchanted last time we were there. Nothing’s changed. It was bloody hot. We walked to the top of Muttonbird Island, propelled by the whinging of the Smalls. Great views…

The harbour area in general just lacked… verve. The coolest thing were all the kids jumping off the pier and the amount of people using the beach. We were there for two nights – well, sort of.

041/365 • so many swimmers around the boat today, and some awesome action from kids on the pier! • . #viewfromthekitchen #coffsharbour #hot #northernnsw #visitnsw #northernrivers #abcmyphoto #bellalunaboat #cruising #Summer2018 #eastcoastaustralia #liveaboard

M got us underway at 2am en route to Port Macquarie. I took over at 5am and sailed onward while he slept, just using the jib.

042/365 * M got us underway around 2 AM and we’ve been time then. I started my shift 5 AM and I doing about 8knots just with the jib up. Destination? Port Macquarie. And judging by the weather forecast we might be there few days at least... • . #allatsea

We were averaging about seven to eight knots – but once we were a few hours from our destination we were fanging along at 10 knots…

We made it to the Hastings River bar at just after 1pm, but it looked too dicey. We did a nautical thing, headed back out to sea a bit, and….


For four hours. FOUR. Got into Port Macquarie at about 5.30pm – did a bit of a cruise to where the majority of boats seemed to be. They were next to a whole lot of mangroves – which suggested to us the possibility of sandflies. We exited and went and picked up the one remaining public mooring – it seemed a little vulnerable to swell, given it was so near the bar, but we were pretty exhausto by that point, and the amount of swell doesn’t matter as much when you’re horizontal.

We scooted ashore, found gluten free chips and squid, and were happy.

Oops – here’s a ship we had to navigate around during the sail…

043/365 • motor always gives way to sail - but sometimes it’s better to choose your battles and duck around the back • . #bigship #noneedtoargue #allatsea #northernnsw #visitnsw #northernrivers #abcmyphoto #bellalunaboat #cruising #tasmansea #Summer2018 #

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