Visitations from relations… Zoe turns ten.

The Mothership and T returned to Bella Luna for a repeat performance in early January. I think they were slightly disappointed there was no sailing involved in their boat-stay, but the weather was a bit dodgy and we are kind of stuck between the Yamba bar and the Harwood Bridge.

An hour before their arrival we were doing this…

The new cockpit floor - halfway there...

We had been inspired by the cockpit floor in GonYonda – we’d never seen it before. A kind of adhesive waterproof, spongey flooring. Non-skid. They have dark brown – I chose grey to sort of blend with the stripe on the side of the boat.

The new cockpit floor - halfway there...

We were sad to see our wood-look floor finish go, but it was as slippery as buggery and was starting to look ratty. The Mothership, who had experienced the slippery aspect of the original finish, was particularly happy with our work.

The Mothership. She doesn’t always wear the ears.

The visitors from south of the border came bearing gifts – gifts from their recent trip to India and Christmas gifts as well (there were birthday gifts too, but they had to wait a few days). I could see M’s face as he brought them back in Foamy – it was quite low in the water (the dinghy – not his face).

The Smalls, naturally, were in heaven and spun around in their fancy new dresses and assorted bling…

New dresses from India, gifted by the Mothership

New dresses from India, gifted by the Mothership

New dresses from India, gifted by the Mothership

There was wine, there was gin, there were card games, a pub dinner and explorations of Iluka…

Daisy killing it - Concentration with the Mothership

…and then there was Small Z’s TENTH birthday.

008/365 • this time ten years ago I was trying to breathe my way through contractions - and after M drove me to the birth centre, Zoe Evangeline was born into the water at 10.09am. And my world altered; went down another path entirely. Happy Birthday Zoe,

We just clocked in ten years as parents. What the!?

It had to be better than last year… And it was…

Ten year old Zoe, and her loot...

We put the word out among our new posse that there would be a party in the park and hoped for the best…

Zoe’s Birthday - Turning 10 in Iluka

I cranked out chocolate crackles, honey joys and made some unsuccessful jelly. Blissfully Belle Belinda made a stupendously awesome raw mango berry cheesecake. Mariko from GonYonda painted kids faces for hours

All the kids munched and played and swam – there were people there we hadn’t met before, but had heard a lot about. There were three boat families, a few land based people and of course, the Mothership and T.

Freya and Zoe

Eddie ❤️


Honey. The boatcat.

015/365 • while my sister and I scoured our way through four OpShops in #Maclean - M took Z to the beach and scootering on the local skate ramp - he took this awesome pic • . #yamba #10yo #ocean #turnersbeach #northernnsw #visitnsw #abcmyphoto #bellalunab

Ten years of mothering. Who knew I’d make it this far intact?! I am loving it…though I remain weary…

Mother of a 10-year-old. And her kitten.

And I have to finish by posting this fairly hilaious photobombing effort. I was actually taking a picture of Small DB, but she was blotted out of existence by her big sister…just for a change…


  1. Amandarose

    What’s the flooring called and is it expensive? We have just done up our fishing boat and are at the flooring stage. And the cat is it getting the hang of those toilet toilet trainers? I looked at getting one for our cat at one stage.
    Good to see you blog back in action!

    1. Beth

      Hey Amanda,
      I found it on eBay – here’s just one listing for it, although I don’t think it’s the same seller we bought from – it is the same stuff. It has been excellent so far – and super easy to clean.
      Honey just has a normal litter tray at the moment, but before we head overseas we will be ditching the kitty litter and getting a bag of little pebbles that can be washed and reused – or that’s the hope!!

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