Grey Gold Coast

Our first day here, anchored with 52 other boats in Bum’s Bay, was sunshiney and gorgeous.

The Smalls meet their first bouncy pillow!
The Smalls meet their first bouncy pillow!
Fishtail plait!

And then the past five days have brought an EPIC weather system that has included more rain than we have previously encountered, high winds (though we are well protected from them) and crazy seas.

Gold Coast. Main Beach.
Gold Coast. Main Beach.

If I had organised a water-collection system, our tanks would be FULL of cloud juice. However… I need to do research on what fabric/tarpaulin stuff is best for making a rain-catcher.

We have made it to the library, but it was an expensive trip as conditions were too messy to take the dinghy across the bay. We caught a bus from Seaworld into Southport at the cost of $15…which was the same cost for a taxi back to the boatramp.

Southport Library is fantastically well equipped – we love it!

Reading about her namesake at Southport Library
Reading about her namesake at Southport Library

The Gold Coast, from the outside, is all bling and luscious foreshore infrastructure. On the inside? There are a LOT of empty shops for lease, and everything looks a little seedy. Out of the bus window I glimpsed a patch of green – a croquet club, backed by high rise buildings. A nice juxtaposition…

The crochet club. The tall ugly buildings.
The crochet club. The tall ugly buildings. Taken through the window of the bus…

Being confined to the boat is great for getting things done – sewing, patching, fixing up bits and bobs

Crew self-portraits.
Crew self-portraits.
Patched my new $1 jeans…
The creation of Z-Mow's long lost cousin...
The creation of Z-Mow’s long lost cousin…

– but after a while it all gets a bit old. Yesterday we put on our coats, stepped off the boat (low tide) and went out to look at the bar.

Walking along the breakwater was confirmation of why we won’t be heading out to sea anytime soon. We were sandblasted as the wind lashed its way down the beach, drenched with rain, buffeted by the wind and then sprayed by an occasional wave. Yike.

End of the breakwater on the Gold Coast bar.
Small family. Large wave.

Once we got back, we were happy to be in the comfy confines of Bella Luna… We had to peel off what we’d been wearing. I hung my jeans outside over night – they were rinsed by the rain and by 11am had dried beautifully!!


  1. T

    Yikes- looks like the weather Gods have turned on you. Good you are in a safe harbour. RE your water collector, you know I am fussy about plasticisers and chemicals in food and water, but catching water with a tarp isn’t going to give most surfaces much time to absorb so I would be happy to drink rain water that had been running off a plastic tarp or pretty much anything if it wasn’t too hot. Rainwater can have a lot of muck in it- I collect it for ironing and car battery top ups and the bottom of the stainless steel container always has a surprising amount of dirt, bugs and unrecognisables in it so I decant it or filter.

    Please tell Smalls how really impressed I am with their art works. They are really working hard and getting better and better. Yay you!


  2. Post

    Ah T! That is interesting about the tarp stuff! So now my mind muses on filters. I do have a super fine mesh filter that I will use to start with. Our many future ambitions include getting a proper water filter for the stainless steel water tank. M continues to dream of his DIY water maker (the DIY meaning that instead of $4000, it costs $2000 🙄 )
    I will relay your words to the Smalls, and will see if perhaps we can send you a much sought after Small original via snail mail…

    1. Post

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