Inskip Point to Brisbane – an overnighter…

We spent two or three nights in Pelican Bay – a tiny spot near Inskip Point where the ferry takes 4WD’s to and from Fraser Island. We were waiting for benign conditions to cross back over the Wide Bay Bay – a spot that has claimed its share of vessels.

We motored over the bar at about 7am, around slack water, and were one of several boats all with the same idea. Like a goldfish, I’d forgotten that coasting around the Whitsundays and Wide Bay had probably disappeared my sea-legs. And so the quease began…

It was not a pleasant sail. Small DB sprewed. I felt lousy. M enjoyed it all and found it invigorating. We saw a heap of whales (that was the good part).

191/365 • 🐋 whales 🐋 • . photo by @surfa62 #whales #sailing #queensland #abcmyphoto #bellalunaboat #cruising #Spring2017 #eastcoastaustralia

Whales ahoy!

We reached our destination, Mud Island in Moreton Bay, at about 1am. Anchored. Slept for a couple of hours. Then got up to avoid a southerly change in the wind – we had been planning to move around to the other side of the island, but decided instead to proceed bravely to Brisbane River – the entry to which all hinges around the tide, which is why we were doing it all at such an extreme hour!

The mouth of the river was lit up like a carnival – probably so the container ships that dock there can’t fail to see it. We had a little flounder when we were unable to see the navigation lights that would guide us in the right direction… it took a few minutes to realise that they were blocked by a huge ship – I mean, a ship so large that it was disguised as the skyline.


192/365 • a very big ship • . #night #sailing #queensland #abcmyphoto #bellalunaboat #cruising #Spring2017 #moretonbay #eastcoastaustralia

As we eased our way through the bright lights and black waters, the wind (which had swung around as predicted) picked up considerably, and we were very glad to have made the decision to leave Mud Island behind. Conditions grew calmer as we left the bay behind us…

Sunrise was at about 5.30am, but it was light a little earlier than that. M and I had a Small companion with us by that point…

DB meets Brisbane

My aim was to secure a pile mooring outside the Brisbane Botanical Gardens – I had seen the location mentioned many times over the years in boating magazines and thought it sounded delightful. I instructed M to organise the harness for the front and back of the boat in preparation, because I was determined that if we got there with the intention of finding a spot, the goddess would smile upon us…

Actually, as it turned out, there were MANY spots! Hitching on at the front and back is a little tricky (though we did it unassisted in Bowen) – but this time there was a significant current. A lovely man who had just started the motor on his dinghy to go ashore turned around and helped us secure Bella Luna fore and aft… We had arrived. Cue: EXHAUSTION for M and I (not, sadly, the Smalls, who had slept through the night without a peep, despite the motoring, the windlass etc…) If we had had an immobiliser ray-gun at that point, we would have used it…

Instead, after shortlived naps, I took the Smalls to the Botanical Gardens so they could frolic….

Fountain. Bird. Tree.

Trumpet Tree

Water dragon - Brisbane Botanical Gardens

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