Heading south. We have no plans…

Three days were spent in Hervey Bay, catching up with M‘s lovely family and giving all the Smalls a chance to play together again. I collected a Large Amount of stuff from the post office, including THREE PAIRS OF SHOES…

  • A pair for M who lost his last pair in Port Davey
  • A pair for Small Z who lost her last pair in Airlie Beach
  • A pair* for me who lost her last pair on Middle Percy Island

* it must be noted that my pair are {BURNT CHOP MAMA ALERT} secondhand, and they are comfy, but a little bit too small…I continue to peruse eBay

What with cramming everything in – shopping, washing, family, post office, fuel, water — plus repairing the straps on the lazy jacks that had perished in the sun causing the mainsail to fall from the boom and shroud the deck… it was all a bit of a blur.

We moved Bella Luna off the sandy spot near the marina breakwall at 4.30am (high tide) and hung about until it was light and we could go to the fuel dock and get both petrol and water.

Sailing over to Kingfisher Resort, so M and the Smalls could swim in the pools, everything felt lighter. We have no deadlines to meet, nothing waiting at post offices anywhere, and the whole east coast to explore…

Our one necessity is to hook up with my family in Hobart for Christmas (I have been trying to persuade Small Brother to attend, but he’s keen to preserve his holidays so he can join the crew if/when we aim at New Caledonia…)

I will not be sad to leave Fraser Island behind – too many 4WDs and sandflies – though it will be a slight shock to the system to head out of the bay and into the ocean. We spent a night at Garry’s Anchorage – which, on our second visit was far more beautiful as we had a much better spot – it was so still that we all had the best sleep we’d got in a while (though there were CLOUDS of sandflies in the morning until a breeze picked up).

Last night we stayed in Pelican Bay, just down from Inskip Point where the barge takes all the people and their 4WD across to Fraser Island. We’re right near the notorious Wide Bay Bar, which we intend to cross tomorrow with the plan being to stay the night at Double Island Point in order for M to get a surf in…

Then? Noosa. But if the bar is too hectic, we’ll continue on and do an overnighter to the Brisbane River.

Meanwhile, the air is smokeladen from preventative burns. Small DB and I spent some time before breakfast watching schools of fish move the water not far from the boat and birds drop from the sky diving upon them.

Holy crap. This blog is finally UP TO DATE! Hooray for me!!

NOTE: if you have a Small of your own, the book Today We Have No Plans is just delicious…

‘Today We Have No Plans’ written by Jane Godwin and illustrated by Anna Walker.

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