Port Clinton to North Keppel Island

After spending two nights in Port Clinton (which I belatedly realised was not an island, but a part of the mainland), we sailed to North Keppel Island. A lovely spot with a little creek perfect for high tide paddling in the kayak…

THE WHAT??! The KAYAK. It was gifted to us two days ago by Rosie and Doug on Eagles Wings – they said they hardly ever used it. We are uber-grateful – it gives us options!! M can kayak to shore leaving us with Foamy and I can do the same – and the Smalls! They, of course, are obsessed with it and have taken to it beautifully…

Port Clinton. Zoe in our new kayak.

Kayak - North Keppel Island.

So – North Keppel Island has a great beach – and up behind are some toilets and an outdoor shower. We were able to fill up a few water containers there, but didn’t stick around because there were heaps of sandflies…

From North Keppel we whizzed over to Yeppoon – we knew there was a creek there – Ross Creek – that we would be able to fit Bella Luna in, but we were unsure how tricky it might be.

In the end we anchored off the beach and motored in Foamy down the creek, tied up and went exploring. First thing we found (after a colony of fruit bats) was another free water park – causing the Smalls to howl, because we hadn’t brought swimmers or towels.

We wandered around Yeppoon and did the obligatory bit of shopping because we were very low on supplies. Somehow we managed to miss every op-shop in the place, but (luckily for M) we dropped in at a great cafe – Whisk on the way back to the boat.

M and the Smalls left me onboard and headed back to the water park – GLORIOUS SOLITUDE!! Albeit very bouncy. I was actually unable to tidy anything or sort anything out, and thus had to lay there watching further episodes of Veep – not a great hardship.

The wave action continued as the evening continued – didn’t make us seasick, but it was like a sleeping potion… We were all in bed by 8pm and happy to be horizontal. Small DB and I were up early for an appointment at 8am and another at 9.30am – hooray Yeppoon! A lovely town…

Despite its loveliness, we couldn’t stay anchored where we were – it was intolerable, so we headed back to North Keppel Island for the afternoon. We spent the night there – it was MUCH calmer.

Zoe of the Sea. North Keppel Island.

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