Letters from home…

People ask us, “Where’s home?”
We point at Bella Luna.
And when the Smalls have been at the beach too long, they say “Can we go home now?”
But if we’re talking about all our friends from our five or six years on the Mornington Peninsula, we talk about “our friends back home.”

It’s hard to keep in contact even via the interwebz – but occasionally I have been able to put up the address of a post office that we might be close to for a week or so. Of course, with Airlie Beach being the main hub for provisioning in the Whitsundays, we ended up being there several times over the course of about six weeks.

We were so happy to get postcards and letters from back home!

156/365 • delighted by some unexpected snail mail! Beautiful crochet from our friend and Caravan Custodian ? We are back in Airlie Beach unexpectedly early because ???(how can there not be a toilet emoji??!) our toilet died.

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