Double Island Point to Fraser Island

It felt a little monumental to have made it to Wide Bay – and Fraser Island particularly. The Wide Bay Bar crossing (known to be notorious) was completely benign, and as we sailed toward Fraser Island, M was particularly elated. I remain a puzzle to him, as I had little elation and he couldn’t understand why… I guess it’s because I’ve been here before…

We lived for two years in Hervey Bay (you can suffer through our one and only house buying process here and/or read about our eventual escape here) – we went to Fraser Island a few times back then. For me it is like returning to an old stamping ground… Here’s our old house, in case you’re intrigued…

I’m guessing that when we get up past Bundaberg, my elation (such as it is) will kick in a bit more, as that’s the furthest north I’ve ever been in Queensland and it will all be new territory. I’m particularly keen to hang out on one of those sort of islands you see in travel brochures – THAT will be exciting!

We spent the night at Gary’s Anchorage – it was beautifully quiet, but not amazingly spectactular. There were quite a few boats pulled up there. In the morning we headed to the Kingfisher Resort in the hope of having a swim or a warm shower, and to excite the Smalls. Ohhhhh – jeeeez. The Sand Bar (that’s the pub/restaurant that’s open to the public) which also has a few pools to swim in.

We’ve been there before about thirteen years ago – and it appeared not to have been given any loving attention during that time. M thinks I am over-reacting – however, it was pretty low-rent. There was mould all over the bottom of the drinks fridge under the doors, the service was pretty lacklustre, and some guy was aimlessly pushing a broom around leaving a manky pile of stuff to be swept up in the middle of the room, while cigarette smoke drifted out from what seemed to be the manager’s office.

I don’t care that it may be just catering to yachties and backpackers – it’s a VENUE on a BEAUTIFUL ISLAND. Underwhelming doesn’t even cover it. Thank god we didn’t tell the Smalls about it before we went there – they had no expectations to be shattered.

We had left Foamy too high up on the sand, so unfortunately, when we wanted to make our escape – we were stuck! Foamy is heavy. However, armed with three pool noodles, we re-imaginged them into beach rollers underneath the boat, and with the Smalls pushing and M and I pulling, we made it into the water. Thank GOD.

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