Byron Bay to Tweed Heads

From Tweed Heads you can see Queensland. Really! When I worked for a while in Surfer’s Paradise about a zillion years ago, people from Tweed Heads would wear a watch on each wrist, because New South Wales has daylight saving, and Queensland (because they don’t want their curtains faded or their cattle confused) does not. I can imagine it would scramble your brain (or at least MY brain) to cross the border every day to go to work and suddenly lose (or gain) and hour.*

Anyway. I am currently in love with the idea of stopping for the night, so the Tweed River was our spot. We anchored at about 3.30pm and a completely gorgeous little wooden sailing boat went past – it was called the Daisy Lou – named for the captain’s two grand-daughters.

The ‘Daisy-Lou’ – a beautiful little wooden boat on the Tweed River.

The last time I’d been on solid ground was in Yamba – I had not had the opportunity to schmooze my way through Byron Bay in pursuit of wasabi a la M – so being on the banks of the Tweed River and walking to Dreamtime Beach it all felt very tropical all of a sudden. The sunlight was fading but the air wasn’t chilly.

Dreamtime Beach on dusk.

Dreamtime Beach on dusk.

On the beach, for 20 short minutes, we owned a dog! Cooper – the black labrador poodle cross – walked repeatedly across the sea-turtle sandcastle I was building with Small DB. We were in the ‘dogs must be on a lead’ area of the beach, so I was somewhat irritated. Cooper had no lead – but I knew he was well looked after – freshly clipped coat like black suede with a little beardy around his chin…

I couldn’t find the owner and so called the mobile number on his collar. His owner sounded horrified – Cooper was only a year old, and had escaped while she was doing the gardening to take himself for a walk. So Cooper hung with us as we walked around Fingal Head Lighthouse (built: 1872). Of course, having a dog reawakened all Small DB’s desperation for a pet *sob* – I have just finished reading A Dog and his Boy by Eva Ibbotson to her and that didn’t help matters – it made ME want to have a dog… But… #boatlifesaysno

Dreamtime Beach on dusk.

When we woke up this morning I noticed it had obviously been a cold night. THERE WAS CONDENSATION ON THE ROOF. Time to leave you behind, New South Wales…

132/365 • Dreamtime Beach •

Daisy and I. Dreamtime Beach. Taken by Zoe.

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