Mother’s Day : Nine


{NOTE: – I am happy to report that this Mother’s Day was a vast improvement upon the previous one.}

The decadence that is waking up on the water in the middle of Sydney on a sun drenched autumn morning. I like it. M keeps telling me we can stay here for a while if I want to – he heard me telling his niece about my yearning to be in one spot for a little while. And this is true – but the place I want to STOP for a bit has turquoise water that is 20 degrees or above. For me, Sydney is a blissful sideline – a stopover on our way up north.

And let me say now – anyone who we don’t manage to see on the way up, we will see on the way back. The only plan we have is to check out the Whitsundays, and then noodle down the east coast checking out rivers and other little interesting spots. Meanwhile, floating right next to Glebe, and opposite the fish markets, is quite lovely. I could definitely sit here all day watching people do their thing.

However – we are in love with Sydney’s public transport system. While I’m sure that there are various outer-metropolitan areas that lack essential transport infrastructure, we are lucky to be right in the city, and our Opal cards work on the light rail, buses, trains and ferries. M is so enamoured of the whole thing that he’s developed an unnaturally close relationship with his Opal travel card.

Here he is, dreaming of the Sydney Transport System – wishing he never had to leave…

M. Stairs.

Travel on a Sunday is $2.50 to go pretty much anywhere, so we took the light rail and then a train to go to the Finders Keepers Market in Barangaroo – the market took a bit of finding – but it was lovely to be able to browse our way through a host of lovely things. These two were my particular favourites:

Vacola Jar Lantern from Upswitch
Australiana – 5 Piece Bamboo Dinner Set by LoveMae

My other highlight was getting to finally meet my Intsta-friend Myf, who hand-dyes beautiful fibres with botanicals and makes many beautiful things. She wasn’t there selling her own creations (sadly) but was behind the counter at the DuckFeet stall – surrounded by amazingly fantastic shoes. The boots. Sigh. It was so frustrating – she had been staying almost in sight of Bella Luna but was flying home to Melbourne in a few hours – so I didn’t get her aboard for a cup of tea…

I told her about one of my childhood scars left by my overactive embarassment gland – being the new kid at a small country school and desperate to fit in – only to have my American Mothership turn up in a beret with her shoes clad in what she called her ‘DuckFeet’. They were a shoe – a cross between these two…

Vintage Boot-Style DuckFeet – as worn by the Mothership circa 1983
This was the shoe-style and colour scheme of the Mothership’s feet.

After the Smalls had knocked back a relentlessly expensive gluten free donut each, we headed back toward Circular Key. And again, M’s need to relieve his bladder struck gold (just as it did in Cygnet) – he left us on top of a hill to find a toilet…

View toward ANZAC Bridge.

…and when he reappeared, he said; “Follow me…”

He had stumbled upon the Sydney Observatory. It was built like somewhere a lighthouse keeper would live. The dome on the outside is covered in greened copper – the dome on the inside is copper as well…

Ceiling of the Sydney Observatory

The enormous and beautiful telescope was installed in time for the transit of Venus in 1874.

Sydney Observatory. The telescope.

We looked all around the various rooms, and while the timepieces and historical information were absorbing, I just loved looking at the views from the windows that were wedged into the foot-thick walls…

Sydney Observatory.

We must have spent over an hour or so looking around at everything. The building itself is so intriguing. By the time we got outside, clouds were piling up and dusk was approaching…

Sydney Observatory

View from the Sydney Observatory

M insisted on a Mother’s Day photoshoot…and I can tell from this shot that my dad would say I look like my grandma (his mother).

The Smalls and I. Mother's Day. 2017

M then led us back through a remarkable collection of stairways and back alleys…


…until we arrived at Circular Quay. So I suppose he really was born here…

Circular Key. Dusk.


  1. Jan Proudley

    You do look a bit like your grandmother in that photo Beth. Nice ? of you all. Sydney is such a great place, so much to see and do. Didn’t know those “duck shoes” had such an impact. They were very practical, especially in Loch.
    Let me know when you leave Sydney.
    ❤️ The Mothership

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