The Quarries to Mickeys Bay

Estuary looking toward Cloudy Bay lagoon

Not a lot of wind to propel us when we left at 10am or so. We were aiming for Mickeys Bay with the intention of a protected anchorage to ride out the gale warning that was due the next day. Another catamaran was already in situ – Even Keels, a catamaran we have been lucky enough to have drunk G&Ts on about a month ago – it is owned by several different couples and we had met the current inhabitants a few days ago in Hobart.

We anchored in a spot that we hoped would be appropriate for the next day, and jumped in Foamy to explore. Gack. The beach was a disappointment. March flies, bits of glass – but it was laden with pippies, which were dutifully collected by Small DB, who intended to cook them up for dinner.

Unlike the rest of us M had checked out the tracks on south Bruny Island on Google Earth and we followed him to the other side of the island. It was like being in A DIFFERENT COUNTRY. Unfortunately the wind was blowing on shore and it was too cold for comfort – but SO beautiful. We had walked out to a beach where gum trees grazed the sand, and a tidal river flowed between Cloudy Bay and a lagoon.

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“Please!??” I begged M. “I’m sure at high tide we could get Bella Luna into the lagoon….”

“Yeah. We probably could. But if a storm came up, we wouldn’t be able to get out until it blew over…”

I couldn’t see how that would be a problem. I would happily stay floating on the lagoon for as long as it took! M collected more mussels and we all explored. If it had not been windy it would have been a perfect swimming spot – paddle a foot or two into the river and there is a drop off into deep water that looked like perfection. It reminded both M and I of our love for a similar spot at Toogoom.

Looking out to Cloudy Bay, Bruny Island.

Estuary between Cloudy Bay and Cloudy Bay Lagoon

Despite the beautiful scenery, it was a relief to get out of the wind and walk back along the tracks, then the road and more tracks, to the other side of the island. We were passed by a car, and then a four wheel drive as we walked along the road section – I don’t know, but I imagine, that some people send their kids to school on the ferry each morning and pick them up at the end of the day? Just a guess…

Back to the shellgrit beach and our blown-over beach-tent. I was keen to get back to Bella Luna – the Smalls and M trailed behind me, trying to find pippies with their toes as they walked along.

On the way to Foamy...

Back at the boat M busted open the 41 Degrees South bubbly that had been gifted to us by Chris and Chloe. Soooooo sublime. A perfect end to the day. Small DB cooked up the pippies and served them with a butter, garlic and basil sauce. M taught Small Z to cook flathead and then made pasta with mussels… Not bad at all…

My feets.

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