Farewell Hobart, for a while…

On the way to Kettering

Sailed into Hobart on Friday evening to spend our last $100 on tinned food, long life milk, spuds, carrots, apples and a few other bits and pieces. While it would be lovely to buy organic, our budget (and the fact we have to buy in bulk) renders this impossible.

We’re also a little hampered by transport – I knew that a 10kg bag of rice was on special for $8 at Coles, but it was over in Sandy Bay – which was a bit further than I wanted to walk. Anyway – shopping was done with Small DB in tow – we were both tired and stroppy and knocked over a display of Easter Eggs ? which two women immediately helped us to reassemble…

38/365 . • the last morning at #salamancamarket for a while - mostly the fruit and veg are a bit ? but four kg of new apples for $10 isn't bad... • . #hobart #goodmorning #tasmania #discovertasmania #tassiestyle #bellalunaboat #Summer2017 #cruising

On Saturday morning I sneaked off to the market – and felt despondent about the price of fruit and veg. I bought 4kg of apples and a bunch of basil – had to return to the supermarket for my bulk spuds and carrots ($3.50 per bunch of carrots was not going to get me far).

[I do not know why the following photo is SO SMALL…]

Bella Luna and Apache. Photo by M. Grant detangling Daisy.

Meanwhile, M took the Smalls busking for what will be their last assault on Salamanca Market for a while. Small DB raked it in… I had to reassure Small Z that ‘small and cute’ doesn’t last forever…

Small DB playing to her devoted fanbase

After Grant had helpfully boiled us some water, made M a coffee, filled our thermos and washed our floor – we eventually got underway. M was itching to try out ‘Hoo-Ray’ – the latest addition to our crew. Sadly it is not a boat-cat. It is an autopilot – the one that M fitted when we were in Prince of Wales Bay Marina.

The backstory relates to the trailer sailer that M and I bought for my dad after he had given us so much help with our house in Hervey Bay. He came up and helped M paint the house, caught mud crabs with us, drank a lot of Coopers Sparkling Ale and drove the Humber back to Melbourne when we sold up…

M & Dad in Hoo-Ray!

The point of this is that he gave Hoo-Ray back to us a few years ago and told us to get what we could for her. Serendipitously, she sold just as we needed to buy an autopilot – a much needed accessory for long journeys when you are combining sailing with parenting… So the money we got for Hoo-Ray (named for my dad) was immediately converted into autopilot, on which we have bestowed the same name.

I like to think of the connection between all these things – that my dad has a hand in steering Bella Luna toward further adventures.


  1. Claire

    Had to stand on my head to properly appreciate the top photo (you might want to flip it!)


    PS How’s the thermie going?

  2. Post

    You have completely confusled me… Which photo!?
    I am loving having the Thermie onboard, although it is not used a great deal – if we pull up somewhere with shore-power I crank out some almond milk. Mostly I use it to make flour, bliss balls etc. To use it for actual cooking sucks too much power ?

  3. Post
  4. mark p

    Hoo-Ray is alive and well. I have just tested her in the water after clearing out the rotten would in the transom and fitting a new o/board bracket. She also has a new rudder box and tiller and the seized plate is now all good. Next months efforts are to check out the rig and see if I can get a sail in before summer disappears. My pace is slow but there is not need to hurry in life. Nice to read your blog and see how you are living your dream, stay happy and pleasant sailing. Cheers Mark

    1. Post

      Mark – I can’t tell you how happy your words have made me 🙂 – it’s so great to know that she is in good hands. A slow pace is a good one. Thank you so much for taking the time to write. Fair winds… xxx Beth

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