Hobart to Gentleman’s Corner to Dover

This is my fellow early riser. The shoe-refusing waif that loves her one-on-one time in the mornings before the others are up. We head into the city to the supermarket and the library and she is so happy to be the sole object of my attention. Bunny always comes too…

My fellow early riser - the shoeless waif plus bunny

We left at midday, and it was good. The sun was shining, the wind reasonable and we headed downriver, across North West Bay and took shelter near the Duckpond in Barnes Bay at Bruny Island. The weather kicked in right on cue at 4am the next morning – and our anchor held strong. The actual spot is called Gentleman’s Corner.

M – ever alert with captainly worry making his veins stick out – woke up at about 4am and whacked on the mast floodlight – there was a boat very close to us, seemingly looking to anchor. In the morning, we stuck our heads out and realised it was Apache.

Gentleman's Corner. Barnes Bay - Bruny Island, Tasmania. ROYGBIV.

Grant came aboard and hung out for the afternoon. One of his many talents is hair – and he gave Small Z a whole new look!

Zoe. Hair by Grant.

Then we went and ate some oysters off the rock – HUZZAH! We spent another night at anchor and in the morning left to explore Dover – a town on a body of water called Port Esperance. We sailed past Hope Island, Faith Island and Charity Island. It was late afternoon and there was beautiful light…

Dover. Dusk.

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