Further adventures with the Mothership & T

Bella Luna sailed from Cygnet on 10 January 2016 at about 7am with T and the Mothership aboard. Both M and I were glad to see the back of Catos Bay – it’s hard to relax when you think the boat might be slowly dragging the anchor to the shore/other vessels/out to sea…

Catos Bay

This was the biggest sail we were able to fit in with them, and it was so lucky they were able to leave their car in Cygnet for a little while. M was keen to show them Kettering and we pulled in to do some skipping, eat lunch and have a drink at the pub.

Kettering. Skipping on the pier.

M, who had been so keen on Kettering, was chafing to leave from the moment we sat down at the pub. It seemed that he had intended us to breeze into Kettering, stay an hour, and then leave again. He had not, however, communicated this very well. In the end, the Mothership was forced to neck her glass of white so we were able to head back out to sea.

I am thrilled when there are other people aboard – so far, they have been keen to do all my sailing jobs – and having T aboard just reinforced this. It was great for everyone! M was happy to have a break from steering, T was happy to do all requested sailing tasks, the Mothership was happy to spend time with the Smalls and I? I was happy to putter around being domestic…

This is M, rejoicing in T steering us to Hobart…

M. Very happy to have T steering...

We arrived in Hobart at 6.30pm – a good days sail. We were sad to see T and the Mothership depart for their accommodation 🙁 and promised to visit the next day. I was happy that they were going to be able to spend time with us at the dock in Hobart – such an amazingly central spot to be. The Smalls were happy to be back there too…

Z-Mow and Quoll go to sea...

Both the Mothership and T had been to Tasmania before, so their priority (to M’s delight) was sailing. We had a day of rest on the Wednesday – when Small DB and I woke early and took the bus to North Hobart to check out their digs. I had only been in North Hobart briefly before, so the Mothership, Small DB and I walked around – found a fantastic fabric shop – called in at the Cat Cafe – while Small Z and M went to see Woody’s World again at a little gig they were playing just off the mall.

A most beautiful fabric shop in North Hobart.

North Hobart. Mural.

Sneaked in another visit to the awesome Cat Cafe

That night, I cooked us dinner on the boat and then the Mothership and T – glory be – took Small DB back with them for a sleepover!! (While homeschooling means that you see a lot more of your kids than if they were at school, there is a lot of socialising and activities to break things up: on a boat? NO RESPITE*)

As parents of more than one kid will know – the absence of even just one of your little darlings totally changes the dynamic. Wonderfully. We had a lovely night as a family of three. Small DB returned with her two favourite people in tow and we set sail for The Spit and Opossum Bay.

The weather cleared up and there were walks, swims, shell collecting and medicinal gin.

The Spit. Z carrying her driftwood finds, hoping for some Huon Pine

Sunset. The Spit.

The forecast was somewhat severe for the following afternoon and we fanged back to town early the next morning. The last day with T and the Mothership was spent at Salamanca Market and the museum before they drove away to return home early the next day. Sadness reigned for a while – we had such a lovely time… We hope to catch up again sometime in the next few months…

Hobart Museum

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