Pt Eddystone to Wineglass Bay

Another early start – 5.30am – I did a similar preparation – food and water in the cockpit etc. I felt slightly intimidated by the day ahead of us. Wineglass Bay was quite far away – the past few days had been five or six hours of sailing – but this was probably going to be a 12 hour journey.

M and I took shifts steering – the conditions were reasonable enough for us to have a proper lunch en route. One of the first things that happened, a lovely omen for the day to come, was a whale. A whale and her calf. They might have been resting…they were spectacular… I was so grateful to be on a wind-powered vessel. M cut the motors and we waited, with just the sound of the water around us, waited for the big breath that they would take…

I tightened my fingers around one of the stays and endeavoured not to think…not to spare one secondon how our home could be flipped with a flick of a tail. They must have dived down, underneath the boat, because they surfaced on the other side once more and then we didn’t see them again. The whale was longer than Bella Luna – like Hagrid – too big to be allowed.

Not long after that, a pod of dophins rambled by about 100 metres away. The day was a long one. M has been putting fishing lines out with lures on when we are sailing – we lost a Large Tuna, but later were lucky to catch a Large Barracouta. Food – but not from a shop! Huzzah!

From the time we began at about 6am – it took us 12 hours to get to Wineglass Bay. The wind had significantly strengthened and we had reduced our sails to just a reefed down jib* and were still getting along at six knots. As is usual when we are about to anchor, we started the motors to ensure manoeuvrability and entered the bay…

Dolphins. Wineglass Bay

Oh my goodness – a pod, a Flock, a DAZZLE of dolphins began swimming along with us – whizzing effortlessly in front of the boat. M was steering and the Smalls and I were squealing out on the nets. We could have reached over and touched them…

243/365 • we had a whole pod welcome us into Wineglass Bay - I have NEVER been so close to so many dolphins ?- they were playing around the front of the boat so close we could almost have touched them - we spied a mama and a baby - it was heavenly

* – the front smaller sail, made even smaller

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