Gravelly Beach – the second time

We travelled from Launceston to Gravelly Beach. Me and Daisy have colds. There is a good playground and skate park at Gravelly Beach and there are lots of shops that are good to explore around. Also there is a good climbing tree in the park – it’s called Rose Bay Park.

Today we had a bit of a quiet day and I stayed in bed until about 12.30pm. Most of today was reading and iPadding. But we did go to the park and the skate park – and we went to the shops. This is the second time we have been at Gravelly Beach – we are currently sailing to Hobart. But the first time we came to Gravelly Beach we were sailing to Launceston.

We did a bit of crafting for our friend Anne Marie’s birthday card and listened to mum read us Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince. It was a good day and I drew a really good picture…


  1. Jessica Jones

    Heyyyyyy Zoe sounds like you’re having a fun time, we are missing you! I got your letter a few weeks ago, and would like to know the address so I could send a letter to you.. and, guess what! Regina had 5 kittens on the 20/October they are walking now and they are just so sweet!!! And their eyes are one of the most beautiful colours you can imagine, they are going to be 4 weeks old on Thursday. I’ll say it again, we are missing you!!! Love from Maisy xxoo

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