Deal Island

On the beach I collect bits of rubbish here and there, to take back to civilisation and get rid of. M has walked off on his own, but reappears, beckoning…beckoning….

We trot toward him and then quietly halt. There is a sign, welcoming us to Deal Island – and there is a wallaby sitting next to it, welcoming us too.

218/365 • arrived yesterday on Deal Island after two nights in Erith Island. A very different landscape - look to the left. I call this photo, 'Welcomed By Wallaby' • #218_2016 #bellalunaboat #DealIsland #KentIslandGroup #wallaby #Spring2016

As we walk up the track we see more wallabies – frolics of them! They blend seamlessly with their surroundings, are a little bit wary, but also inquisitive. They are like large jumping mice, as they bounce away. It only takes Small Z a few minutes to start calling them “wobblies”.

One of many. Deal Island, Kent Island Group, Bass Strait.

We walk a while down the track that leads to the caretakers cottage, but decide to turn back and do it properly the next morning. The sign on the beach tells us that we can’t climb the lighthouse *sob* but we will be able to get near it – I want to take some photos for my lighthouse-keeper uncle (and former lighthouse-keeping cousin) – the Deal Island lighthouse was, at some stage, the second tallest in the world, but was decomissioned in 1992. Dammit.

Here and there we have got a tiny twitch of mobile coverage. M manages to send one text message, and then it is gone. We have been incommunicado for almost a week, excepting our climb of Kersop’s Peak. It’s kind of exhilarating, because there is really nothing we can do about it. Back onboard we try to hoist our Telstra hotspot up the mast, to no avail.

The wind comes up and there is some rain. The wind continues – it is COLD, and unfortunately we are trying to conserve diesel or I would have the stove on to warm things up. We hope to find some kind of mobile coverage near the lighthouse tomorrow that will give us an updated marine weather forecast.

At this stage we plan to leave for Georgetown in Tasmania just before dawn on Friday 28 October. We are pretty much out of fresh fruit and veg and by that time will probably be living on tuna, pancakes, cheese and chocolate… It’s 100 nautical miles to our destination – I am feeling somewhat more confident – there are no islands in our way this time….

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