Hanging out in Hastings

The view from my pillow.
The view from my pillow.

Since leaving the boatyard on 27th September 2016, we have largely spent our time tied up at Hastings Pier – much to M‘s chagrin. We’ve done a trip back to Cowes, which included our first night at anchor…

[we were held all night by MY KNOT! I have been put in charge of the anchor and the necessary ‘rolling hitch’ by which the bridle is attached to the anchor rope – yay me!]

…We are not avoiding sailing – almost every.single.day there has been a strong wind warning… http://www.bom.gov.au/marine/about/six-things-about-wind-warnings.shtml – and on one memorable day, an actual gale warning. Thus, we have been unable to get out much to put Bella Luna (and ourselves) to the test.

Had we been childfree, we might have gone out anyway, but small children, strong winds and ‘new’ boat are not the cocktail we are keen to try at present. Meanwhile, we have been catching up with people who live in Hastings or the surrounds, and enjoying walking to the library, the shops…the walking to things! It’s a thrill ? after the isolation and car dependence of the boatyard for so long. Car dependence….our cars… That’s a whole other post!

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