Goodbye Yamba

Up at 6.20am, in the dinghy and over at the market before I’ve even rubbed my eyes. We spend $100 as easily as breathing – there’s so much good stuff. Basil, apples, garlic, beans, cherry tomatoes, lemons, passionfruit, blueberries, avocados, beef jerky… the $100 is down to nothing and we use the Card of Evil […]

Rahmasan Nup Nup-an

A week and a day since we made landfall in Vanuatu on the island of Tanna. It feels like a month. Rahmasan nup nup-an means, “Hello, good morning!” in Port Resolution (the dialects are specific to each village, so this particular greeting doesn’t work a few kilometres away). Here’s our anchorage – that’s us on […]