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A day out in Deloraine

The night we arrived in Launceston I posted to a thread on the Chat 10 Looks 3 FB group and asked if anyone might be able to give me a lift to the last day of the Tasmania Craft Fair in Deloraine the next morning. I had not been able to find any way to get there using public transport. Wonder of wonders, a lovely woman showed up near the boat at 9am and welcomed myself and the Smalls into her car. The upside of social media!

Waiting for our ride.
Waiting for our ride and jumping.

We chatted at each other all the way to Deloraine while the Smalls listened to an audiobook in the back seat and oohed and ahhhed at this unfamiliar mode of travel. It turns out she is a church minister, who doesn’t mind being a bit sweary. I could help myself and accidentally said ‘goddamnit’ on several occasions, but she was unfazed. It didn’t take us long to realise that, of course, she knew M from his days in Launceston and the organisation he worked for at that time. (And his band.) I told her that this meant she had to come on to the boat when she dropped us off.

We parted in the carpark of the bowling club and went our separate ways. The Smalls and I found that there were buses running between all of the venues every ten minutes. The organisation was phenomenal. It all worked so well!!