Unintentionally we arrived in the school holidays, meaning there were library activities aplenty… but there was also the scourge of the homeschooler – Other Kids Everywhere. We like the other kids, we do – but in horde proportions? Only just tolerable. Yesterday, however, Queensland children Went Back To School. We…went to the State Library, the […]


Should I ever need to disappear myself from society in general, I could do worse than live on a boat attached to a pile mooring in Bowen. It would set me back $64 a week and I would just have to cope with the occasional cyclone. (All this rests upon the supposition that I would […]

Middle Percy Island

Coconut trees. Actual proper ones, each with a little warning sign on the trunk cautioning potential conks on the head. I’m pretty happy with this being my first experience of a tropical island. (And I’m not really counting Lady Musgrave Island, because it’s more coral than land…) For all the people who know about the […]