Boat Hacks 01: BoatCat

Much time was spent on BoatCat research before I allowed an invasion of the fur that has trashed our cockpit floor, vomited in various locations and bitten all of us multiple times. In case anyone else is still thinking they will also obtain a boatcat after that sentence, I will now write about the LITTER […]

Where it’s at. Two timestables and a floating home.

Can’t even remember last time I updated and am too scared to look. So. Be prepared for some unintentional repetition. Briefly – Since February we have left Yamba for Pittwater (via Coffs Harbour, Port Macquarie, Crowdy Head, Broughton Island) – picked up our awesome new outboard motor ‘Growler’, sailed from Pittwater to Manly and will […]

Hello Honey!

Boat life, for me, has always felt incomplete without a cat. In many of the books I have read about people living on boats, there has been a cat – sunning itself on deck, occasionally doing an acrobatic leap for a flying fish, sitting on your lap under starry night skies as you scan the […]