The Learnz

We have no fixed learning structure here in boatland, as I’ve probably explained many times before. The Smalls learn from life as they encounter it, read about it, get whacked by it or told it. Whatever. The rule at the moment is just daily violin practice and journal entries. The rule is not necessarily consistently […]

K’gari. Up the top.

K’gari. Up the top.

I am at the top of Fraser Island. Or K’gari, which is it’s proper name. It means ‘paradise’ in the language of the Butchulla people. It is, in fact, quite paradisical. The sand is white, the water is aquamarine, and when anchoring the boat, I could see the chain laying across the sea bed with […]

Going surfing

Surfing. It’s a mindset. The ability to throw oneself into the cold cold water, even though you are far more comfortable when dry. The mental strength required to squeeze your tea (or coffee) warmed body into a skin tight black tube and ignore the fact that you’re about to douse yourself in enough saline to […]