Nine years in the making, built entirely by M, Bella Luna set sail as our floating home on 19 September 2016. Although we had been living aboard, on the hard in the boatyard for 18 months, it suddenly became the real deal.

Beth no longer had paid work. M no longer had to build things. The Smalls (Zoe eight and Daisy six) no longer had meet-ups with friends, violin lessons, sport, karate lessons, Monday nature walks or Nana-time.

Big changes. Less money. More freedom and a stack of things to learn. Neither of the Smalls have ever attended school, so in that respect, we continue unchanged. We have Kindles, iPads, craft supplies, a microscope, three violins, one mandolin, a guitar and a battery powered roll-up piano.

We are finding our way – both geographically and existentially – our whole adventure is a big fat learning experience in almost every respect. Stay tuned…

{For some background information on the beginnings of the build you can poke about over here.}