Another Pinot Escape

The first time I looked out of the lounge room window and saw the peacock with his tail aloft, spinnaker style, I shrieked, gathered the Smalls and ran out into the garden to try and capture every possible angle. His neck is an impossible blue running to aquamarine and iridescent green; little toggle antenna feathers on the top of his head make him Seuss-like. He literally shakes his tail feathers and makes come-hither noises to a generally disinterested and relatively drab peahen, who wanders about pecking unconcernedly as he prances and shimmers with colours to get her attention.

237/366 • obsessing over the colours and demeanour of Mr Fancypants...•
Mr FancyPants. Hoping for the best.

I’ve never seen the back end of a prancing peacock – there are fine downy pale feathers and longer, more rib like ones that seem wingish. It’s like seeing backstage of an amazing musical – it’s where the machinery is that makes it all happen. The feather glory is the pinnacle of peacock perfection – the voice of the peacock? There is not a lot to recommend it – it sounds like an emergency alarm crossed with a the plastic hoot of a stepped on toy horn. A design flaw of the otherwise flawless.

236/366 •...two blissful nights at the vineyard - it’s me, the Smalls, two dogs (!), one cat, two rats, several chickens, a peahen, and this guy - Mr Fancypants...•
Blues, greens, charcoals, aquamarines…

Only two nights at the vineyard house this time, but the Smalls were keen. The leaves are thicker on the vines now. The little chick with the racing stripe that I looked after a month ago has disappeared – they think it was a goshawk. This time we didn’t have a fire at night – it was too warm to bother with. Our visit – with only two days notice – was so timely.

By the end of each fortnight money is so tight that the last two days (Sat/Sun) are spent working on our own stuff, because going to markets for tasty treats is not an option. At the vineyard we went NOWHERE and were perfectly occupied – I did a zillion loads of washing, the Smalls walked the dogs and looked after the rats and the bunny.

The bunny, this time, did not escape. For which I was thankful. It was a lovely couple of days that came at a very opportune time. Thank you again, our excellent new friends.

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