Yeah. As accustomed as we are to being isolated for extended periods, this whole thing is getting hard. Harder for some than others. Everyone has lost the plot for short periods. I am plotting to find my own part time abode to retain my sanity… and keep things dry.

Without other people, I would be surfing BARRELS during this lockdown thing. Crochet, walking, cooking, writing, brewing the perfect cup of tea, tending campfires, patting the little kitten, pulling logs out of the creek – I am self sufficient. It’s not that much of a stretch for me. However, I am only one of four, and we are stuck in a tiny floating home at the bottom of Tasmania as the weather gets colder and c-o-l-d-e-r.

The land? We have put in some serious hours clearing the creek, chopping down feral trees, sweating and making fires. But. As much as I like doing physical stuff – and I do – the lack of sunlight on the block is making serious inroads into my dedication.

Do I want to put the only chunk of money I have into somewhere that I will not be able to live for six months of the year? It’s May, people. There was NO SUN on the land today at 1pm. It’s not even officially Winter. We went down to work for a few hours at 3pm, leaving the sunlit river for the cold of the block – our breath was dragon steam. In proper winter, some locals have delighted in telling me, there is ice on the road.

“But you have the boat!
That’s where you go when there’s not a enough sun! Down to the river!”

Down to the river to pray? Advice from friends. And yes. It’s true. But I am trembling over the decision. Beggars can’t be choosers. But should beggars settle for not quite right? Not enough light? I know not.

Meanwhile, I invented a soup.

Parsley, Potato, Leek, Kale Soup

2 Leeks
4 cloves of garlic, crushed – skins removed
1 bunch of parsley
1 bunch of kale (stems discarded)
2T of butter
1 cup (or more) of chicken stock
Almost a litre of water. Or extra chicken stock
1kg of potatoes cut into big diced chunks
A tub of bocconcini
Salt and pepper (and maybe chicken stock-powder?) to taste

Whizz up the 2 leeks, 4 cloves of garlic, parsley and kale. (Don’t freak out about the amount of kale, it subsides to barely anything.)

I use my thermomix – 20sec/Sp8. If you don’t have one, whizz in your food processor and then dump in a saucepan. Salute in the butter for a few minutes.

Thermomix? How lovely. Add the butter. Sp2/100℃/4min

Throw in the spuds. And the chicken stock and water. And some salt and pepper.

Stovetop? Cook until spuds are soft.

Thermomix? Sp1/90℃/25min

Tear up four big bocconcini, or eight cherry sized ones. Chuck ‘em in.
Cook for another five minutes. It’s green. It’s soup. It’s good.
I had a 100% family hit rate. Almost unheard of.

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