Happy Birthday to me, pandemic-style.

Happy Birthday me!! I turned 47 on 2nd of May this year. A low key but lovely day – a walk between downpours on a day replete with chocolate, gin, crochet, breakfast in bed and many other cosy things. I may be in isolation, but thank the GODDESS for the interwebs and FaceTime.

A wander around the cemetery of St John’s Anglican Church, which is up on the hill – I’ve never been up there before – was an eye-opener. The oldest grave we found was from 1832, and the most recent was around 2014. There were toadstools…

Fairytale toadstools. A trifecta.

The church itself seems generally neglected, despite the fact that it – and those in the ground – are occupying some of the best real estate in Franklin. Gorgeous river views…. It reminded me of that spectacularly placed graveyard in Sydney; a location that I suspect keeps property developers awake at night. I just googled it – it’s in Bronte:

Cemetery in Bronte. Sydney.
Cemetery in Bronte. Sydney. Real estate GOLD.

Anyway – it was a low key day. Small DB made me a lovely birthday cake, having invented chocolate ganache on her own and stirring it (much to my amazement) into the mix. It was pressure cooked, of course.

I worked on my crochet cotton stash-buster blanket a little bit, watched the making of ‘Muriel the Musical’ remembering when I’d seen the original movie at the cinema a million years ago when I was living in a share house in Godfrey Avenue, East St Kilda, Victoria. 😂

The Smalls kept their shit together most of the day. The main BIRTHDAY RULE is always to say ‘YES!’ to the birthday person. This was largely adhered to, and by the time the wheels began to fall off, I was ready to sit up in bed beside a sleeping Small DB and eat my glorious raspberry chocolate and drink a cup of tea.

The MOST divine chocolate. I am incapable of sharing.

The kind of cool thing about having a pandemic birthday is that the postal service is even more crazoid than normal – things are taking a while to arrive. And this is good!! I will be checking the post office daily this week and next, because I know that birthday presents from family will be arriving!

Actually, I woke up on my birthday at about 7.30am and saw on my phone that something on my eBay watchlist was about to end in half an hour or so. “What the hell,” I thought. And put in a high bid of $42.73 on a possum wool merino cardigan that was sitting at $32.99. It’s a men’s cardy, but it’s size small – and compared to what women’s cardigans go for made of the same yarn, even fifty bucks would’ve been a bargain.

Little did I know that my only Australian dwelling sibling was sitting on the other side of Bass Strait looking at THE EXACT SAME CARDIGAN. What the!? Thank god she refrained from bidding – as did everybody else – I got it for $32.99 Cue: BIRTHDAY JOY. It looks a little bit ratty, but that means I can wear it without worry that I might wreck it. And I will be WARM. Hooray me!!

099/366 • …early birthday present from Mr TD - my secret gin enabler ❤️ - he says it’s a good one!!  • .
Mother’s little helper – from Mr T.D 🙏🏻

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