The power up-river.

The past four days have been a COLD SNAP. Kind of like going from 23 degree days to living inside a refrigerator. Everything is bearable, right? Mustn’t grumble. Except… except if we are NOT GETTING ENOUGH SUN ON OUR SOLAR PANELS. Then everything feels a little more fraught – it’s hard to start my day as a zenlike hero when I have to tiptoe through the freezing cold to start the generator.

Steam, as the sun hits the ground.

Coupled with the fact that, of course, there are a few locals (old crankies in need of a hobby) struggling to cope with our lengthy stay on a public jetty. This morning someone had tied a rope across the walkway on to the jetty. Maybe a statement? Possibly some nautically themed yarn-bombing? Anyway – the power situation on its own was enough to prompt me to go to the very helpful local chandlery where I was given the number of a guy who manages the Wooden Boat Centre.

I called and tried not to sound too desperate, but the more I spoke the more I realised how much better I was going to feel if we were somewhere ‘legitimate’ (in the eyes of the cranky) and that had POWER. I had a win!! Late in the afternoon we moved Bella Luna to her new spot on the jetty near the Wooden Boat Centre. We’re paying a little bit of rent, and that is fine. I am more than happy. We may have to raft up against another boat in the next week or two, but still – we will cope.

Jetty with power and glory
The power and the glory.

Oh. My. God. What a psychological difference plugging in the power cord made to me! I could leave a light on, charge my phone/computer overnight, know that in the morning the stove would start up without a drama. This morning I MADE PORRIDGE IN THE THERMOMIX AND IT WAS AWESOME. I had not quite realised the mental load involved in the power situation – I suppose because I have the knowledge that we will be here for months and months – right through winter, and the fact that it had become an issue right at the start of autumn was quietly freaking me out in an unknown corner of my brain-o.

Now, without battery draining part of my soul, I am making some chicken stock in my wonder-machine. The bloke who is supposed to be doing some clearing on the block of land with his Tonka yellow earthmoving thingy actually turned up and did some this morning…

Also, I have forgone my dream of a dog (for now) and on two days we are adopting a rescue kitten. Yes. The torments of Honey the Boatcat have dimmed enough that we are going to have another go at having a #boatcat. Small DB is beside herself with glee. She won’t allow me to name it Corona, but I’m sure we’ll come to some agreement.

A little furball on the boat will have (as everything should) two uses. It will give the Smalls something to love and look after, and I’m pretty sure it will boost morale. We are literally stuck here, where there is snow already on the mountains, for at least another six months while the virus pandemic does its thing. We could, as I have said, abscond to Queensland, but that would be tricky, and at this point, probably illegal.

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