Movement. Earth and air.

Our weeks of inactivity have suddenly and thankfully changed. Not in a massive way, but there is definite movement. A report summary from the planning and design company looking at whether a boundary realignment is reasonable and/or possible stated:

“This assessment has identified that a reorganisation of boundaries is possible, subject to design. There are challenges presented by the code overlays when considering the future development potential of the site, however these do not appear to be significant.”

We’re taking this as a positive. A day after we got that news, M and I had a rush of blood and decided to ask the owner if we could clear the land of it’s bajillion blackberries and thistles, and possibly many feral trees. But she got in first, and had 80% of it slashed the next day. Lovely synchronicity. And now it’s possible to actually see the shape of the land. It’s amazing and intimidating – completely degraded and infested, but with such potential to be a glorious small oasis…

In the meantime, M’s sister mentioned on FB that they were selling their Mitsubishi Delica. I put my hand up. Yes. Moi. The person who has only ever owned a 1964 Humber Supersnipe and a 1981 Mercedes-Benz. But I thought the price was good. I know the Delica has been looked after. They actually IMPORTED IT FROM JAPAN. Also, Delicas seem to hold their resale value, so if the whole land-buying escapade falls over, I can sell it and be sadder, but not poorer.

Did I mention that M’s sister lives where we used to? In Hervey Bay? Queensland? It’s a fair way from Hobart – but never fear, I’m keen for a road trip. Thus, without stopping to think to much about it, I booked a flight from Hobart to Hervey Bay and am typing this in my favourite Hobart bar at the Alabama Hotel. Which unfortunately I couldn’t stay the night at – but I have a bunkbed allocated to me in the YHA around the corner, which I have to vacate at 4.45am in order to get on the SkyBus to the airport. “Pack your swimmers,” says Jan. I am agog. I dug them out and threw them in.

For some reason, I appear to have packed the same amount for a five day road trip that I did for a month in New York. I’m not sure how this happened. Anyway – one of my destinations today was the great Vinnies Op Shop on Argyle St where I bought a beaten up wheely bag for $2, and that will make things easier. I am stuck for four hours at Sydney Airport in between flights and am so tempted to make a dash for the Crime and Justice Museum – it’s only open on Saturdays, and I have been wanting to go for sooooo long. I have to weigh up the travel time…

Happily, I am on to my second gin – a concoction designed by Gabby behind the bar. It’s light, flowery and matched with soda and a chunk of lime. Soon I will stagger back to my bottom bunk bed and crochet myself to sleep. I love adventure.


  1. Daniel

    Hi Beth, Mark and Crew,
    We met in New Caledonia, we aboard “Rehab”. We are now settled in Eden, not far from where Graham lives. Unfortunately “Rehab” has sold, snapped up before putting her on the market. Andrea is happy, me less so….
    If you stop and anchor in Eden harbour, we would love to see you again.
    Daniel & Andrea

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