2020: The beginnings.

From nine people aboard, the Smalls and I went and stayed with SWWNBB in an AirBnB in Taroona – a very beautiful suburb, but lacking any shop whatsoever. Woe betide if you run out of milk or tea. They had a little Belling stove and a great vegetable patch!! It was an awesome house and we are very grateful to SWWNBB to letting us stay. Small Z defected after a day or so, but Small DB and I stayed a week. She cooked this amazing dinner for her sister’s birthday – oh, how she longs for an oven!

Roast chicken dinner.

Zoe. Taroona Beach.

We op-shopped, visited the Botanical Gardens and took our hosts for birthday breakfast at the wonderful Cat Cafe. Then we op-shopped like demons and got some seriously good reading matter, as well as a suitcase for Small DB for our impending journey to see the Mothership.

During my time as a Taroona dweller I went out on my own (!) at night (!!) to the Brisbane Hotel (an excellent venue) and saw my friends in their production of Rocky the Third – it was great!! (And I’m not just saying that because they are my friends – it’s very funny.)

In my head I had presumed that they would have a million people they needed to catch up with and things to do – but no! They were happy to come for a sail out across Storm Bay with Small Z, M and I. It was so lovely to spend time with them – for years we have only caught up with them at birthday parties or housewarmings, so it was serendipitous opportunity! ❤️

009/366 • the ever affable @riksplosive owning the sleigh aboard Bella Luna today... he worked hard 💪•

Rik. Doing the hard yards.

We returned to Bella Luna and the Smalls had a brief respite from socialising as we moved in between our mooring at Sandy Bay, the jetty at Bellerive, and the city.

018/366 • sisters quiet on the sleigh, screentime silence in Sandy Bay •
Kicking back.

About four days after returning to the boat, the Smalls and I flew to Melbourne to hang with the Mothership and assist in celebrating her 70th birthday. She had organised for me, my siblings and our offspring to go on a one week cruise on the Queen Elizabeth. WHAT THE? More about that here…

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