Month: January 2020

2020: The beginnings.

From nine people aboard, the Smalls and I went and stayed with SWWNBB in an AirBnB in Taroona – a very beautiful suburb, but lacking any shop whatsoever. Woe betide if you run out of milk or tea. They had a little Belling stove and a great vegetable patch!! It was an awesome house and we are very grateful to SWWNBB to letting us stay. Small Z defected after a day or so, but Small DB and I stayed a week. She cooked this amazing dinner for her sister’s birthday – oh, how she longs for an oven!

Roast chicken dinner.

Zoe. Taroona Beach.

We op-shopped, visited the Botanical Gardens and took our hosts for birthday breakfast at the wonderful Cat Cafe. Then we op-shopped like demons and got some seriously good reading matter, as well as a suitcase for Small DB for our impending journey to see the Mothership.

During my time as a Taroona dweller I went out on my own (!) at night (!!) to the Brisbane Hotel (an excellent venue) and saw my friends in their production of Rocky the Third – it was great!! (And I’m not just saying that because they are my friends – it’s very funny.)

In my head I had presumed that they would have a million people they needed to catch up with and things to do – but no! They were happy to come for a sail out across Storm Bay with Small Z, M and I. It was so lovely to spend time with them – for years we have only caught up with them at birthday parties or housewarmings, so it was serendipitous opportunity! ❤️

009/366 • the ever affable @riksplosive owning the sleigh aboard Bella Luna today... he worked hard 💪•

Rik. Doing the hard yards.

We returned to Bella Luna and the Smalls had a brief respite from socialising as we moved in between our mooring at Sandy Bay, the jetty at Bellerive, and the city.

018/366 • sisters quiet on the sleigh, screentime silence in Sandy Bay •
Kicking back.

About four days after returning to the boat, the Smalls and I flew to Melbourne to hang with the Mothership and assist in celebrating her 70th birthday. She had organised for me, my siblings and our offspring to go on a one week cruise on the Queen Elizabeth. WHAT THE? More about that here…

Christmas 2019 and Pand(ion)imonium

Since we turned right coming out of the Tamar River, instead of left toward King Island the west coast of Tasmania, life has been a combination of mad socialising and real estate limbo. We elected to turn right and be a presence in Franklin to try and help things along. On the way we stopped into Kettering and caught up with a lot of people – particularly we hung out with Gusto – who we met on the last day we were in Hobart at the beginning of 2019.

We barely knew each other, but that was OK. They are our people. They immediately lent us their car and their kid so we could do some shopping and the Smalls could have a break from being on their own. It was awesome. It was Tash who made me juices and chicken soup as I succumbed to some kind of infection and my face started to fall off. I have dot-pointed the whole debacle here.

324/365 • Hey! There’s a bumble in your bouquet! 🐝 💐 …•

Salamanca Market bouquets…

Suffice to say, I was repaired in time for Christmas, which we spent aboard the boat moored at RYCT eating tasty things, having spent two days tearing around the city preparing. I knocked up some last minute Christmas stockings – this is the first Christmas EVER that the Smalls have not had to resort to a pair of my socks.

325/365 • Bit of a scramble to get things sorted - multiple trips to the shops! Finally, for the first time ever, the Smalls don’t need to nick a random pair of my socks - I (hastily) handsewed them a stocking each - pretty sure Santa will be able to jam
327/365 •❤️ ...let me count the ways...❤️•

DB made an awesome punch and fruit salad. There was also spud salad and happy ham.
328/365 • climbing off the sugar high... 🌳 •
Climbing off the sugar high in Sandy Bay on Christmas Day 2019

Boxing Day, our friends formerly of the vessel Pandion, arrived and we had NINE people on the boat for almost two weeks, as we explored around Bruny, ate abalone and oysters and caught one excellent crayfish in M’s new craypot. We all had an awesome time – having boat people aboard is just a breeze. The Pandion children were trained upon arrival to say to me, three times a day, “What can I do to help?” And such is their goodness, they kept it up throughout our time together. They used little water, cleaned up after themselves, swept up without being asked and lost very few clothes pegs.