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We have no fixed learning structure here in boatland, as I’ve probably explained many times before. The Smalls learn from life as they encounter it, read about it, get whacked by it or told it. Whatever. The rule at the moment is just daily violin practice and journal entries. The rule is not necessarily consistently observed. Anyway, a while ago we did a few sessions of ‘learning’ – where each of us had 15 minutes to teach the others about a Thing of our choosing.

Our time near Rooney Point invigorated the Smalls into a learning frenzy and they decided we needed to do another 15 minute lesson each. Small Z chose her nemesis’ – cone snails….

Cone Snails by Zoe
Cone snails by Zoe
Cone Snails. Risks & Benefits.
Risks and benefits.

Small DB chose humpback whales – inspired by the fact that we’ve been seeing some pretty much every day.

DB's lesson on humpback whales.
DB’s talk about humpback whales.
DB's 'humpback whale' bones.
DB’s humpback whalebones display.
Humpback whale homework sheet.
Humpback homework sheet.

I chose Fraser Island – because while I had previously not loved it very much, going up the northern end where there were beautiful empty beaches covered in dingo tracks and the sound of whales breathing during the night, made me want to know more about it. We discussed the traditional owners, World Heritage Status, birdlife and dingos.

M, like Small Z, also chose to address his nemesis – the hopeless performance of the the crew when it comes to tying a bowline under pressure…

Tying a bowline.
Tying a bowline

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