Singing the BoatCat Blues

Eight months along we’re singing the BoatCat blues
Anything she doesn’t scratch, she chews
Stressed by visitors she can’t control
Dragging my life down a deep dark hole
A UTI made her wee everywhere
On my leg, on the bed, on the cushion from the chair
An unhappy BoatCat, an unhappy Beth
Wishes for the fishes to lure her to her death.
A touchstone for stress, a cause of regret
Get out the credit card – here’s comes the vet.
Three different medicines, expensive new food
None of these things really improved her mood
She still likes the ankles of the smallest Small
Why I wanted a BoatCat, I can’t recall…
She would be happier in a home on the land
One that doesn’t sometimes rest on the sand…

…OK, that’s the limit of my current rhyming inspiration. Right now, though I feel very bad to say so, I think that both Honey, and the human crew of Bella Luna would all be happier if she had a loving, land-based home. She has actually been offered one, via the magic of Instagram, that I know she would love – but it is back in Australia.


Obviously it pains me to say it. But I must.

M was right.

Things would be a lot easier without a BoatCat right now. She seems to have recovered from her ill-health and no longer has blood in her urine. However – leaving New Caledonia and heading to Vanuatu could be problematic (if we let it). The quarantine services are demanding that I take them an original copy of the document our vet (the awesome Samantha) has to sign within the three days before we check out.

The quarantine facilities are in NO WAY nearby. Fark. So I have to hire a car and drive on the right side of the road (something I have never done before). The word I need to focus on now is REFRAME – therefore; car hire is not that expensive / it will be a new experience I can learn from / I will get to see parts of New Caledonia that I otherwise would not see / I can tell the world that there seems to be a great niche in the employment arena here – COURIERS?!

Also. I can use the car to do some more provisioning shopping.

In addition ——> the BoatCat Blues was written about a week ago, and since that time Honey has improved quite a bit. Most of the vets she has seen in her short life have told us that;
1) tortoiseshell females are generally highly strung (i.e. batshit crazy)
2) ragdoll cats are quite rambunctious for the first 18 months.

So we have ourselves a double dose of crazy. But a furry kind of crazy, loved by most of us…

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